JS file with Gzip took 966ms to load while Brotli took only 296ms, which is remarkable!

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Compression methods have been widely used to increase the performance of web applications. Gzip is the most popular among them. Recently another compression method named Brotli came into the picture, and it seems to become a good rival for Gzip.

This article introduces the Brotli compression method, setting up Brotli with a CDN (AWS CloudFront in particular) and evaluating the results compared to Gzip and uncompressed content.

What is Brotli?

Brotli compression was first introduced in 2013 as an offline compression method for web fonts by Google. After 2 years, Google released a new version of Brotli for generic losses data compression. …

The battle between two relatives

car driving at night under sky lit up by the Aurora Borealis
car driving at night under sky lit up by the Aurora Borealis
Photo by Sid Balachandran on Unsplash

Aurelia and Angular are popular JavaScript frameworks that are being used for web application development. Among many JavaScript (JS) frameworks currently available, Aurelia is a comparatively new JS front-end development framework. Via their modern features such as HTML, routing, and the composition of single-page applications (SPA) and user interfaces (UI), both these frameworks provide feasibility in the development of complex web applications. In this article, I will discuss what Aurelia is and what makes Aurelia special, and I will compare Aurelia and Angular.

As you all know and have heard a lot about Angular, let’s just check out Aurelia a bit. …

Electron, React Native, Ionic, and more

multi-colored ribbons hanging over a grey floor
multi-colored ribbons hanging over a grey floor
Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

When we hear the word JavaScript, web development is the instant thought we get in our heads since JavaScript has been the most widely used language for web application development for a long period of time and frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue are very famous these days.

Although JavaScript leads the web development world, it had to live under the shadows of Java, C#, and C++ in the mobile and desktop application development world. …


Chameera Dulanga

Tech Writer | Software Developer | Undergraduate — University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Information Technology.

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