Simple strategies to feed your creative mojo

We were all born creative

Fascinated with everything we saw, curious and full of questions. We all were born creative. Have you ever noticed how small kids love making things? The word ‘constraints’ is not in their dictionary.

Limitations or lack of knowledge? what are those exactly?

They just pick a pen or a pencil or a paint brush or anything they can get their hands on and then it is just them and their creativity. And to top all of this, it is just so damn difficult to stop them. They leave the mark of their imagination…

Did I mention getting featured on Product Hunt and a product validation as well?

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The Origin

What is a design language?

Nate Baldwin explains it very nicely in his article What is Design Language… Really?

The term “Design Language” is used to describe the overall visual design of a digital product. — Nate, in his article.

A couple of weeks ago, while helping one of our enterprise clients, here at Coditas, create and maintain a design language (AKA Design System), I was curious on how other big enterprise companies are maintaining their design languages? …

The new dimension to your 2D illustrations

I have always been fascinated by drawing and illustration. But what is better than a 2D illustration 🤔?

3D illustrations!🙌

Here are some of my favorite illustrations from some amazing designers out there, in no specific order:

1. Google Hotels, traveler types by German Kopytkov for Google

What I loved about these illustrations is the simplicity and the perfect use of colors for the objects the designer wanted to highlight. Everything else is mostly a combination of white and light grey.

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! 🍭

2. Inter-connected by Ranganath Krishnamani

Making sure that your product has a competitive edge.

One of the most important steps when you are starting up or developing a new product or service is to find out how much you weigh against the competition. We all know how important it is to have a competitive advantage in order to increase the chances of your products or services success.

So how do you evaluate competitive edge? By running an effective competitive analysis.

Competitive analysis means:

“Identifying your competitors and evaluating their strategies to determine their strengths and weaknesses relative to those of your own product or service.”

Define the Problem and Find Competitors’ Products to Analyze

Understanding the past, the present and the future of design.

Design is a huge factor in success of a product. A good design decides for how long people are going to use your product and if you are going to make some sense to your end users.

In this article, We are going to talk about why “design” has become such a buzz.

But first of all we need to understand what design really is?

Design, in simple words, is planning an optimal way to perform a certain task.

As soon as we identify a problem, we often start thinking…

3 ways you can convey your requirements to a designer effectively.

I’ve been designing web and mobile apps for quite some time now and one of the first thing, as a designer, I go through on a daily basis is to try and dig out what is still sitting in my clients head which, somehow, he/she isn’t able to put in words for me.

Though, day after day, I am getting better at reading between the lines and reaching the subconscious goals and purpose of the client or users I talk to, I still feel there are a few simple…

Here are my top 10 confessions as a designer

1. I keep apps on my phone which I don’t use for months just because they have a nice UI, fonts or colors.

How you can be honest to your users. And to yourself.

It takes a lot of efforts when you want your users to keep using your app.
And there is a lot of incentive too. But does that mean you should deceive or trap your users? Let’s discuss more on that.

What makes a design dishonest?

Do you remember those pages with a millions of Download buttons? And you just couldn’t figure out which one is the one you really should click, because all of them were of same color, same size and had same label on them? Yeah. Them feels! Good thing that they are disappearing slowly. …

A short case study on how I designed my own UI/UX design portfolio website.

“But your website doesn’t reflect who you are or what you exactly do or the design process you follow.. I think you should change it. ASAP.” — Varun

I was contemplating the thoughts of designing and coding my own website from a very long time. I just couldn’t find enough time to design my own website because I was busy designing for others( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). The website which I already had on my domain was old and wasn’t clearly telling my visitors who I really am and what all I can do.

It was time! Treating yourself like a client…

Including UX in your culture

Now that a lot of big organizations and almost all of the startups have realized the importance of UX in their startup, it’s important to understand how a company can bring a pleasurable UX to its culture.

Running a digital design agency is a unique experience. Establishing a design centric culture, is again, a very unique process.

So, where exactly does a UX culture start? It starts right from the moment a customer hears about your brand. Yes. Be it a word of mouth, a post on social media, a print advertisement, a tv advertisement…

Chandan Mishra

User Experience Designer, Entrepreneur.

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