The Washington Examiner’s Timothy P. Carney just released his third full-length book, Alienated America. The basic gist of the book is: the determinative difference between pro-Trump and anti-Trump voters is that the former suffers from a deprivation of social capital and/or social institutions, while the latter does not. This, Carney argues, is why both the very wealthy and the very religious didn’t like Trump — the vision of America that Trump was selling applied to those for whom work, family, church, and community had vanished, and that wasn’t them.

For Carney, church is fundamental to this thesis. He’s a devout…

One of the most frustrating things about Tell Your Children, the anti-marijuana tract from former New York Times reporter (and spy novelist!) Alex Berenson, is that its most interesting points are almost entirely unrelated to its thesis. That central idea — roughly, that marijuana causes psychosis and schizophrenia, and psychosis causes violence, therefore marijuana causes violence—is compelling neither prima facie nor post hoc.

That Berenson spends so much of the book on this strained argument is frustrating precisely because of its otherwise useful criticisms of marijuana and its proponents. TYC does a great job, for example, pointing out that medical…

Charles Fain Lehman

Staff Writer, Washington Free Beacon. My Medium is for charts I make worth saving from Twitter auto-delete.

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