I wrote this a while ago but I never posted it. I’m having a bottomless brunch and feeling more confident so here goes.

I’ve always liked the idea of living in a small-ish cosmopolitan continental european city where people are more conscious of others, the environment and their health. But the UK is my home. It’s where my family and friends are.

A lot of people have asked me “Why Brighton?” and very few people seem to be excited for me so it might be useful to articulate why. …

Recently a few friends have told me they have a big idea for an app but they’re not sure how to build it. I’ve given the same advice to multiple people now so I decided to write it down in case others find it useful.

Step 0 — An idea

💡? Amazing! You need to work out if it’s a good idea. Tell people and gauge their reaction.

Remember, apps are expensive to build, hard to make money from and need regular support and maintenance.

Step 1 — Slim it down

What the essence of your idea? Design something that does that really well and *nothing else*.

Is your design the…

Over the last year I’ve been on a journey from growing startup → accelerator → consultant → solo founder. I’ve been learning how one might run a company and, more importantly, which companies are worth starting.

Startups are very much the cool new lifestyle choice in the tech industry and in general I believe this is a good thing: Creative people are empowered to maximise their impact on the world and healthy competition develops in industries old and new. This trend means plenty money available from Venture Capital, accelerators and individuals for you to start your business. Woohoo!

Source: geek.com

Why do I work in startups?

  1. To learn

Too often I have an idea that many moons later is still just an idea. This is a promise to myself to turn them into reality, because even unfinished things are better than nothing.

I will start as soon as I have an idea. I can always make five minutes.

It’s not a waste of time: At worst I’ll be pleased I spent some time doing something creative.

I will share it, even if it’s not perfect, because it’s something I created and that’s awesome. I promise not be discouraged by a lack of likes/shares/retweets. Social media brownie points are…

  1. I cannot be friends with everyone. There just isn’t enough time.
  2. Family is more important than I realised. They need me and I need them.
  3. I enjoy spending time with myself. Since being less busy I’ve noticed I’m happier, I forget less, I plan better and I engage in better conversations.
  4. I like to cook. More than I realised. Especially for others. (Yes, that is an offer.)
  5. My favourite foods are often those with few ingredients.
  6. I like coffee, but only really nice coffee. Preferably in the form of espresso. (See above.) BUT NO MORE THAN ONE SHOT.
  7. I have…

For the last few months I have mostly worked at home, in cafés or in co-working spaces. Some things have clearly sucked away my productive time and some things have really helped me focus. The following list is a note-to-self on productivity.

  1. Co-working spaces are usually where I make the least progress. (The ones I’ve used have been noisy and uncomfortable.)
  2. Cafés are often where I get the most done in the shortest amount of time.
  3. When I’m not productive it’s time to just step away, do something else and come back later.
  4. Coffee can help me concentrate for short…


Mobile/web tech lead. Likes outdoors, creativity, and all silly internet things. Lots of opinions. You don’t have to listen.

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