I wrote this a while ago but I never posted it. I’m having a bottomless brunch and feeling more confident so here goes.

I’ve always liked the idea of living in a small-ish cosmopolitan continental european city where people are more conscious of others, the environment and their health. But the UK is my home. It’s where my family and friends are.

A lot of people have asked me “Why Brighton?” and very few people seem to be excited for me so it might be useful to articulate why. …

Recently a few friends have told me they have a big idea for an app but they’re not sure how to build it. I’ve given the same advice to multiple people now so I decided to write it down in case others find it useful.

Step 0 — An idea

💡? Amazing! You need to work out if it’s a good idea. Tell people and gauge their reaction.

Remember, apps are expensive to build, hard to make money from and need regular support and maintenance.

Step 1 — Slim it down

What the essence of your idea? Design something that does that really well and *nothing else*.

Is your design the simplest it could be? …



Mobile/web tech lead. Likes outdoors, creativity, and all silly internet things. Lots of opinions. You don’t have to listen.

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