IxD Lab Final Project (Overview)

Microsoft Hololens connecting IoT guide

Project Brief

Creating responsive Kinetic Typography work by using the word “DESIGN” in your project. Try to integrate series of interactive elements in this typography work. The work should be scalable to various types of interface platforms (e.g. small screen, large screen, AR, VR, Tangible Interface, etc.)

Interaction design is about breaking the boundary between digital and physical world.

In the IxD Lab this semester, Professor Austin taught us many interaction design prototyping tool including AfterEffects+Cinema 4D Lite, anime.js motion library, arudino+Processing, IFTTT, LittleBits, Vuforia and Hololens.

I decided to use Hololens as a platform to create a Augment Reality Application with tangible input. This work requires Unity (w/ C#), Particle Photon, Laser cutting and Hololens.

Where is DESIGN?

Inspired by “Where’s Wally?”, there are limited way to emphasize a word to make it stand out of the context. These includes at least Bold, Italic and Condensed style.

User could first put a piece of paper on the device, then it will automatically project in the Hololens as an AR image. Then user could use tangible input to control the style of the word “design” in the text.


First, I want to combine tangible input with augment reality feature. User sees many similar objects on the desk and don’t know what is their differences. Once the user wear the Hololens, he could see the feature sign of each objects by using Vuforia. He will then use the object to change the output.

However, when I first built up the application, I found it due to the limited FOV of Hololens, it will be hard to see the sign and the article output at the same time. So I decide use the shape of objects as metaphot and redesign the device.

Input iteration


Once you put a piece of paper on the scanner, the text will be shown in AR scene. User could use the object the change the style of word “DESIGN” in the text.


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