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Microsoft Hololens connecting IoT guide


At first, I find a way to make particle communicating with unity through serial I/O (link). Then, I realized once the project is deployed to the Hololens, the serial I/O won’t work. As a result, I need to have a device that could send event to a web server and make Hololens listens to that sever.

That is why eventually I choose to use Particle Photon, which has already integrated with cloud service. If event triggered, it will push the event into cloud sever, and Hololens could get that event from a web link in a JSON format, then translate it.

Setup Particle Photon

You could use Particle.variable method to publish data into cloud so that Hololens could access.

The variable will be published onto a link like this:


You could directly type in above URL into webbroswer to see the event.

a. Where is Device ID?

There are multiple ways to find the device ID, check this link.

b. Where is Variable name?

The variable name is specified in Particle.variable(“font”, fontStyleSend) function. In this example, the name will be “font”.

c. Where is AccessToken?

You could find it in setting part in Particle IDE.

For more information of setting up Photon in CMU network, check this link.

Tangible Input Setup

D2: Trigger of Condensed font
D3: Trigger of Italic font
D4: Trigger of Bold font
D5: Trigger of loading the scanning result
Photon Schematic

The input could be combined together. For example, if user take both Bold and Italic block, the font style will be both and Italic at the same time.

Setup Photo.

For the source file of the wood box and objects, check this link.

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For the project overview, please refer to this post.
For the software part, please refer to this


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