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Two words to sum up this total and complete gem of a place: Go. There.

I personally have zero bad things to say about this place — ever. It’s fabulous. End of story.

Well, not end of story. But it can be that simple. Hawkers is — simply — amazing.

Hawkers was born in Florida. In 2011 their first restaurant opened in Orlando. And since its early successes, this sit-down, yet casual, eatery has now spread to a variety of other locations throughout the state. …

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“Train Ride To Vermont” —

During the opening scene of the holiday film classic, White Christmas, Phil Davis (Danny Kaye) saves Bob Wallace (Bing Crosby’s) life. It’s World War II. Bombs flying overhead. Rubble and lots of blown up, destroyed buildings half-standing all around. Davis pulls Wallace out of the path of a swaying and then falling, crumbling, and collapsing red brick building wall. He saves Wallace’s life — and injures his own arm in the process.

While in the hospital tent recovering, Wallace goes to visit Davis. To check on him. To thank him. For saving his life.

“It was a life worth saving,” Davis proudly proclaims. And simple, matter-of-fact like. He might as well of…

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While I both love and live in Jacksonville Beach, FL, there’s only one other town around I love just as very much…well, two towns actually — it’s where Atlantic Boulevard meets the ocean — it’s Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach… its Beaches Town Center.

Beaches Town Center is all-encompassing of the downtown areas of both Neptune Beach and Atlantic Beach. The two downtowns meet together for one, central, and grand downtown area on the Beaches — with Atlantic Beach to the north, and Neptune Beach to the south — and Atlantic Boulevard as the border line. It is there that the two towns touch and meet, becoming one. …

Christine Pieper

Lifestyle Blogger. Artist. Living, writing, and painting in Jax Beach, FL. Salt Life.

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