Dishonesty By San Jose BMW Motorcycle

Last week I did a piece on my experience with San Jose BMW Motorcycle and how I was subjected to racism. Looks like I’m not the only one out there that has had poor experiences with these guys, look at this review of San Jose BMW does not surprise me based on my crappy first hand experience.

Basically the review talks about the dishonest honor not being willing to handle recall work on a motorcycle they sold, which was ordered by BMW and the Department Of Transportation themselves.

It should also be noted that I read a lot of positive reviews of these guys online, but 99% of the positive reviews are obviously fake if you know what to look for. Notice their google local listing reviews — almost every 5 star review comes from a “user” who has only submitted 1 review total? That is not a good look!

BUYER BEWARE of spending money with San Jose BMW Motorcycle