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Evelyn Kalenzi speaking to young Women in Tech

Working in technology is such an amazing experience because you are challenged to learn every single day, and the practical aspects of the field mean that you can contribute to innovations that will change the world in different domains. …

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Facebook developers

Hey, my name is Fanny Nyayic “As a lifelong software developer and learner, I can tell you that anyone who has patience and a great love for the tech is qualified to join the ranks of developers. However, if you want your first coding experience to be a successful one, you must come prepared.”

Well, I joined developers circle Kampala two years ago through a tech meetup, what I expected at first was just to learn Python programming. but it was more than just that.

Learning something new! In a room of 100 Tech enthusiasts, someone in that room will undoubtedly share an idea or trick that you haven’t thought of before. Suddenly, you may have a solution to a problem that you’ve been troubleshooting for weeks! and someone does it in minutes! …

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Hacktoberfest — 2019

Fundamentally, pull requests are the mechanism for contributing to a group project. From what I learned, Pull requests are also the heart of open source code and the pivot upon which GitHub group projects turn.

Becoming an open source contributor is a natural extension to the process of becoming a more advanced programmer: as you start incorporating these awesome open-source resources in your own code, you will start to notice bugs or maybe think of a useful new feature that could be added.

This is where pull requests come in an this is how I successfully made my first PR with the help of facilitators J Edison Abahurire and gideon bamuleseyo. …


Nyayic Fanny

“Software Developer — Using Tech to end Wildlife Trafficking”

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