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Project Summary

I created this web application to allow my users to make personal beer selections based on their tastes. Using beer data from PUNK API, I made two separate forms — one for flavours and the other for food pairings. Using each form, users can get a beer recommended based on their choice.

Problem Statement

What is the most effective way to provide beer recommendations based on user input and let users customize their selections?

Target Users

Beer drinkers who love exploring new types of beers and want to try different ones.


My application can provide a fun environment for searching new beers and learning about them, as well as trying them out if they want! The unique descriptions and brewer’s tips can vividly illustrate each beer being featured, and they could really get people to try it. …

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Edmonton, AB, Canada

I have lived in three different mega cities in my life so far: NYC, Seoul, and Toronto. Right before looking for my very first tech job as a web developer, I made a big decision to relocate to Edmonton, Alberta. Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta, Canada, but compared to the three cities I’ve mentioned above, it is definitely a smaller city.

There are other circumstances that have affected my decision, but one of the main reasons was I am now kind of tired of my mega city life and want to start a new life in a relatively smaller city. I’m excited about it as it will be my first time going to the west side of North America! But on the other hand I’m worried about its tech market conditions, as I may have less options as a job seeker when I move there from Toronto — which has a way bigger tech sector. …

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Have you ever seen a beautiful website with colourful backgrounds and images on your desktop and then felt disappointed seeing it look totally different when you printed it out? I have. Many times. Maybe because I tend to focus on colours and designs when I look at things, influenced by my past career background, but I’m pretty sure many of you have felt the same way at least once. Or, you may have thought, ‘Oh, thank god. It automatically printed only the important stuff without wasting my ink.’ This, instead, you’re highly likely to have experienced.

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How my website looks in Firefox on my Samsung laptop screen


Claudia MH Ahn

Web Developer. Master of Business, Entrepreneurship & Tech-UWaterloo. ︎TOR•NYC•Seoul.

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