As developers we like to write code. Code becomes the tool for every job.

We’re opinionated about our code. We all have special ideas about what’s right and wrong. Some of these ideas are justified, while others, are just pet peeves and poor assumptions.

As such we tend write our own solutions for everything that doesn’t strictly line up with our personal standards. “There’s no good invoicing apps” is an example of a common phrase thrown around by devs everywhere. So, as developers, with an unlimited toolset we start on mission to build the perfect invoicing app.

As a business owner I can’t stand this part of myself. I want perfect tech but I also want to focus on the hard-hitting, high-level business tasks that will make my business grow. …

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An alarming number of software companies tend to put their APIs on the back burner. What they don’t realize is that it’s not about developing an API that does everything. It’s more about creating a consistent interface for a wide range of uses because less is more and consistency is often king. …


Clinton Skakun

Founder and Head of Development at

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