In case you missed it: I’ve been the main organizer of an open coding event called #CodingNight in Frankfurt am Main since for over4 years. It has become one of the biggest coding events in Frankfurt. The idea behind the event is to meet and code together, without any pressure or technology restrictions far far away from your daily coding routine, your boss and deadlines (the last few can get on your nerves^^).
The event is open to all people and all levels, from beginners to professionals, from pupils and students to employees and freelancers.

1. Code Something New

In intro to each #CodingNight…

© nochsoeiner

I’ve never been an employee (except the time as part time student at the F.S.D. and F.A.Z). And I hope I never have to (fingers crossed)! Being a freelancer and/or self employed is very important to me and my personal freedom. After I graduated from the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences (also known as FH-Frankfurt) with my M. Sc. in computer science I spend another six month at the IT department of the F.A.Z (first and second level support, classical student job I would say ^^).

I needed this extra time to figure out what I wanted to do.


Coop of student and tutor


What is Code Door?

Codedoor is a non profit startup with the goal to teach refugees become coders. Code Door has different locations in Germany and one of them is in Frankfurt. Learning to write code will help refugees get a decent job and integrate into society. By the way this will be the last time I will be using the term “refugee” in this post; instead I like to say “newcomers” because the people I met are already here and hopefully they will not be fleeing anymore. Kudos to Zerai from whom I “stole” this great characterization.
I’m currently supporting the newcomers as a…

Pavlos Giannakis

#code junkie // #startup addict // #knowledge sharer

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