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Exchange drives businesses growth. They are a necessity in the modern world for conflict-free business transactions which subsume a whole spectrum of goods, services, stocks, and assets.

There are various forms of traditional exchanges. These vary from linear exchanges like commodity exchange to multidimensional and multi-purpose exchange like the Stock Exchange.

For long a common standard for valuing services and goods has been the FIAT currencies. Especially the US Dollar remains the yardstick for all traditional exchanges.

However, FIAT Currencies remain plagued by the limitation and loopholes of the of the current Financial Structures. This is where cryptocurrencies enjoy an innate upper hand over traditional FIAT Currencies. …

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Coinolix is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency exchange platform that provides trading services for a wide range of established and new cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, DASH, LTC, USDC, etc. If you have heard about the project and want to invest in the Coinolix token sale, which goes live from October 8, 2018, you would be happy to know that the Coinolix team, including the CEO (Mr. Prasanna Puniwala) and Co-founder (Mr. …

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Coinolix Team warmly welcomes our new Marketing Advisor Mr. Miikka Saloseutu and supports all future marketing efforts to reach our team’s goals in Coinolix Crypto Exchange ICO/ future plans. We are pleased to have Mr.Miikka Saloseutu as our Board Advisor for marketing international/national distribution and syndication.

Our main strategic goal at Coinolix is to build an exchange platform that can take on the high traffic of traders around the world. The Coinolix team relies on the previous experience of trading platforms and best market practices, carefully evaluated the best programming practices combining cloud/container processing, new technologies of Ethereum Blockchain. The Coinolix server was designed specifically for processing 1.2 million orders/second and was built under the highest level of security in the world together with leading suppliers in this field. …

Coinolix is a pure cryptocurrency exchange that lets users trade in a number of top digital currencies. The thing that makes Coinolix different from other crypto exchanges out there is strong liquidity of digital coins in exchange for gold asset reserves. The ICO sale of Coinolix (CLX) tokens will begin in October 2018.

More features of the Coinolix ICO and project are explained here.

Coinolix Exchange Features:

A strong trading engine

Coinolix employs a very strong and subtle trading engine that can manage as many as 1 million trade requests per second. That is better than most other existing trading platforms out there. …

2018 has by far been the most successful year for ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) in terms of popularity, user interest and funds raised. According to a report by, about 1079 ICOs have managed to raise around $6,950,333,983 in funds by August 2018. This is quite a large sum and much more than the funds raised by ICOs in the earlier years.

This data shows that there are still benefits when people investing in ico. This is one reason why 2018 is so far the best year for investing in ICOs. …

By profitable we mean yielding profit or financial gain. Hence an ICO which promises sure shot profit gains is a myth. However, there are certain key parameters that ensure that the ICO’s promise of great returns is strong. One such ICO is the Coinolix, which is the most profitable ICO to invest in 2018. The Pre-ICO starts in 40 days time and it has all the ingredients of a blockbuster ICO.

Features of a Profitable ICO:

Here are the top features that you may find in the every trusted and Profitable ICO:

1. The Idea

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Unlike other loudmouths ICOs, the Coinolix stays true to the innate nature of Blockchain, i.e., it solves an existential problem by providing an alternative that both works and is tamper proof. Coinolix is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that supports trading (buying and selling) of popular cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, DASH, NEO (ANS), CLX (Coinolix Coin), USDC (USD pegged Coinolix coin). …

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Cryptocurrency exchange coinolix has announced the official launch of its trading platform, while also suggesting that it will eventually offer its own token(CLX).

Coinolix has planned to launch in January 2019. The company announces that a new program of Airdrop and bounty will be in play in which users will receive “CLX token” for completing various tasks, which can be traded for a variety of cryptocurrencies after final crowd-sale.

Referring users and many other activities will also provide you with the opportunity to earn CLX token. All rewards are fully convertible to BTC or other cryptocurrency supported by Coinolix exchange, upon release. …

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Coinolix airdrop program has already begun from 1st of September 2018. Anyone who wants to earn some free Coinolix (CLX) tokens, can join the program. It is a simple activity-based rewards program where a user will be rewarded with free CLX tokens for performing a few simple tasks.

All details of the program are mentioned here.

It is a reward program by Coinolix cryptocurrency exchange that is aimed to build the initial community of token holders and users. Under the campaign, the company will distribute a fixed number of CLX tokens to participants, for free.

During the program, Coinolix will airdrop (distribute for free) 3 million CLX coin to the community members, where each user can get up to 50 free CLX.


Coinolix Cryptocurrency Exchange

A pure cryptocurrency exchange with world-class trading facility in coinoix exchange, Token holders can use CLX token to pay almost all type of fees.

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