The Coins & Steel Pre-Sale Begins — The First Forge Ignites!

Coins & Steel

Today we have an exciting announcement: the Coins & Steel Pre-Sale begins!

Coins & Steel is an epic Multiplayer RPG that is built on blockchain. It leverages this technology in multiple ways, but with the main drive to make an experience that empowers players by granting total ownership, and one that leverages scarcity by making items truly unique.

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But Coins & Steel is more than just a blockchain game, it’s a grand adventure in the making. A tale of clans and wars, of lords and kings. Of great beasts, and even greater loot!

Today, adventurers can take a step close to beginning their journey.

Beyond the passages of time, the First Forge has been fired up once more. The Great Smiths have begun to craft the legendary items to be wielded by the first champions, those that start it all: The Founders.

At the end of the day we just want you all to have tons of fun playing our game :)

With that said here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming presale.

The Founders Sale — The Vault of Champions

In Coins & Steel, legends are not predetermined. Fate is in the hands of the hero. The power to forge your own story is not about stumbling across a sword in a stone, but about having the courage to stand forward and claim these items as your own.

Heroes can step forward toward the Vault of Champions, and grab their own destiny.

Boom! It’s hero time!

The Founders Sale will present exclusive items that will be available only during this period. They won’t appear in future Pre-Sales, and are going to only exist for those who join and buy early.

In the lore of Coins & Steel, The Founders are a legendary guild of heroes who carry items from the First Forge. These rare trinkets, weapons, and armor are only available to The Founders.

Exclusive Founders Item Skins

We’re releasing item skins exclusive for Founders.

Item skins will transmute the item look. They can be reused as many times as you want.

These skins will have noticeable differences from normal skins that you’ll be able to obtain later in the game’s release:

  • They’re available for a limited time, and are exclusive to the presale. After the presale, the only way to obtain these items is to buy them from other players who have participated in presale.
  • Every item skin has one random power up. Every equipment that you buy will give you a FREE upgrade! If you want to become the strongest hero in Coins & Steel, getting these presale skins is a MUST.

You can possess various properties like a higher critical chance when you attack, more health and so much more! The list of properties will be available in the skins’s page.

Skins will be swapped inside the game on the launch.

“Taste my plus 10 critical damage!”

In addition, every purchase will have a complimentary, one-of-a-kind, and beautifully animated Founder’s Aura that radiates around your character that’s also exclusive to this presale.

These auras have 4 tiers of rarities:

  • Common with a 50% chance to roll
  • Rare with a 25% chance to roll
  • Epic with a 17.5% chance to roll
  • Legendary with a 7.5% chance to roll

Note that visuals of the aura might be altered at the time of Coins & Steel launch.

Comparison of different auras. Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary respectively.

As the lore of Coins & Steel slowly grows, so does the legend of the First Forge, The Founders, and their mighty arms and armor. Not only are The Founders the owners of these rare pieces, but are part of the history of Coins & Steel itself.

Visit the Vault of Champions Today!

The True Adventurer’s Giveaway

Surprise! We’re also going to have a lucky item giveaway where literally anyone has a chance of winning. Who knows? It could even be you.

Here’s how the giveaway works in three simple steps:

  1. We will pick individual items and bundles at varying prices from the current sale.
  2. We then tweet and showcase each giveaway on our official Twitter account with a date detailing when the giveaway will take place.
  3. In order to participate in the giveaway simply follow the rules on giveaway’s page and you’re in just like that. It’s that easy!
See that sweet loot? This could be YOU!

Pre-Sale Timing and Details

Throughout The Founders Sale, we will be releasing information daily about the items available from the Vault of Champions.

The duration of the Pre-Sale is still to be determined, as we want to be sure to allow all of the players a chance to get their hands on some of this legendary, exclusive, loot.

Enter the Vault of Champions, and lay claim to the treasures that await.

The Founders have arrived!

The presale will be available on so stay tuned for that and be sure not to miss second phase of the presale coming in Q1 2019.

Stay aware of all of the latest details via the official Coins & Steel Twitter, Telegram and Discord as well as the official Coins & Steel website.

Oh and don’t forget to give us your claps and follow our Medium for more regular updates. Thanks!

Coins & Steel

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Coin & Steel is a fantasy open world multiplayer role-playing game executed completely on blockchain, making extensive use of smart contracts.

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