Coinupp | Becoming a Partner

Why become a Coinupp Partner:

Workload reduction: We know how onerous reviewing loan applications for employees can be, especially when institutions require mountains of information. We created Coinupp to help lighten your load.

With Coinupp there are no long forms…thinking about it there are no physical forms at all! The application review process takes less than 5 minutes and just 5 clicks.

Free cash flow: We understand how important cash flow is to your business, particularly when you need to grow. So why be the one to grant the loans, hire additional staff to manage the portfolio, and increase you cash exposure when there are so many Micro Financing Institutions (MFI’s) out there. Let Coinupp lift the load and let you get back to what you do best…Grow!!!

Reduced moral hazard: In recent times MFI’s have been placed in a negative light, and it has every right to be. Many MFI’s have taken advantage of persons personal and financial situations to charge RIDICULOUS interest rates and processing fees, sometimes even as high as 300% annually and processing fees over $3000. Charging such rates does not help anyone, it can possibly make the situation even worse. These are not MFI’s they are usurers!!!

Coinupp was created to curb the moral hazard dilemma, by introducing industry low interest rates and processing fees…. Our interest rates are as low as 9% per month and processing fees as low as $1500…Yes we said it 9%. Coinupp believes in “Complete transparency. We are here to help not displace. MFI’s match that!

Increased productivity: Loss productivity of employees can lead to a significant reduction in revenue, and it would almost seem thats what MFI’s want. They have your employees take time off to visit their locations just to apply for a loan then bring you the paper work for your signature, then head back to the institution to drop it off…forget that, those are days of the past. Your employees can apply from anywhere at anytime. so never loose billable hours ;) or see a reduction in productivity.

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