“I’m watching Uuuuu”, by me

This is a trick I use when I am looking for reference for my projects.

We all know that designers are visual blog/twitter junkies, and that we scroll as fast and insatiably as we can in order to absorb tons and tons of visual content.

This way, our minds can keep up with the latest trends, interactions, typefaces, transitions, all the things!

Unfortunately, the speed and volume of visual reference available to us nowadays doesn’t let us take on the nice compositions, colors, shapes and flows.

Here is something I do to pause, really observe beautiful work, then “store” it in my mind. Hopefully my brain will later regurgitate what I saw on top of…

Sketch Quickie: Sometimes I don’t want to snap to pixels when dragging

Double-click on shape to get to edit vector mode, then select all points, grab one of the points and smooths-drag like massage oil

Sketch Quickie: Unlock/Lock all layers

I do this in Illustrator obsessively to temporarily isolate an element/group — Install Sketch Toolbox. Then load this plugin. Boom

Pablo Caro

Designer. Likes quick brown foxes and lazy dogs!

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