Queen Size Futon Mattress| How To Buy Them

The queen size futon mattress is one of the most comfortable and spacious of futons you could ever purchase. They measure approximately 60" by 80" and can be a great addition to your sleeping and seating arrangements all at once.

Futons double as a mattress and sofa and are ideal for small apartments or limited living spaces. They provide extra sleeping or sitting accommodation or family members. This is our recommended list of the Best Futon Mattress with all sizes you need: queen size, full size, twin size, king size and so on.

They are very versatile and easy to move and can complement any décor depending on your personal preferences. With a range of futons on the market, how do you know which is the best queen size futon mattress?

1. Know Your Needs

Your first consideration when purchasing a futon is to determine its purpose. Do you need it for occasional bedding for guests or additional seating in your home, or both?

Will the futon be used for occasional sleeping? A cheaper model will suffice. For sleeping as well as seating on a regular basis, a sturdier model will be required.

2. Count the Cost

Once you have established your preferences, your next consideration will cost. Most futons tend to be competitively priced. How much are you prepared to spend?

Do you want a basic model or high-end futon? Bear in mind that when purchasing a futon, you are getting two pieces of furniture for the price of one!

Most futons are reasonably priced. Even the more high-end versions are comparably cheaper than regular high-end sofas.

3. Know Your Options

There are many options when choosing a queen size futon mattress. The average individual will fit comfortably on a short mattress with an average thickness of about 6 inches.

Choose a futon that is comfortable, versatile, easy to fold, and durable. A versatile futon will allow you to rearrange it in various positions with relative ease.

Once you measure your space before purchase, you should have a pretty good idea of the number of areas it could easily fit. It should be quite easy to fold and moved to adapt to your room’s outlay and décor.

4. Choose Comfort

Comfort should be a priority. The material you choose will determine the level of comfort you enjoy from your futon. A good futon will be adaptable and flexible.

Most futons are made from foam, cotton, coils or springs and should serve your needs over an extended period.

Foam and cotton usually offer a reasonable level of comfort and support over the long term.

5. Test it Out

Before you buy your futon, put it to the test. Think about how the dual use of the futon will impact on its durability. To test it out, sit, lie down and place a bit of pressure on your futon. Apply the same test as you will when choosing a regular mattress to see how your body responds.

Things to consider:

· Will the type of material I choose lose its shape over time?

· Think about each family member that will use the futon. Body frame, sleeping habits and health considerations are important.

· Choose one that will provide adequate comfort for most of its users.

The queen size futon mattress should be one that is firm, flexible, rigid and pleasing to the aesthetics of the home.A thin futon looks very sleek and modern, while a futon mounted on a wooden frame will require a thicker mattress.It should also lend extra support to the neck, back, and spine while sleeping.

6. Durability

Durability is another factor when searching for the queen size futon mattress. Your best bet is to choose a futon that is made of materials that can endure movement and stand up reasonably well to wear and tear.

A good warranty will ensure the life expectancy of the futon in the event of breakage during regular use.

Your futon cover should be a durable fabric. Your choices should include materials that are breathable, hypoallergenic, cool, and water-resistant. Some fabrics include cotton, microfiber or microsuede.

7. Know Your Sleep Patterns

A good night’s sleep is very important. Your sleep patterns will inform the type of futon you purchase. Make sure to choose queen size futon mattress for adequate sleep. Good sleep will ensure you wake up refreshed, without any issues with your back, neck or spine.

If you sleep on your side, your shoulders will bear the bulk of your weight as you sleep. In this instance, a softer futon is better. It will help take the strain off your neck and spine.

For back sleepers, you will need a much firmer mattress.An extra layer of foam may be helpful to cushion your spine as you sleep.

If you sleep on your stomach, the firmest mattress will give adequate support and relieve pressure on your neck.


Your queen size futon mattress will adequately accommodate at least two persons comfortably. It is a good to fit for couples as well as single persons who like added space. The best futon mattresses are flexible and can be easily transformed from a sofa to a bed as the need arises.


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