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The decision was made, and the words have already been written. Patrik was going to make that game. It was difficult at first since being a one man army only sounds awesome. In real life, it means working a daytime job before starting a 10-hour shift coding the lives of people you’ve created. In the meantime you have to live your own life just a little, which means eating, sleeping and doing anything possible to make your girlfriend, who you neglect all the time, speak to you again. It is harder than you think. She’s a Leo.

The first weeks are not that bad because you have the energy and passion for doing it. You believe in your project and every minute, every hour and every day is fascinating. Your girlfriend is also happy — she sees that you are hard-working and ambitious. She sees a man who comes home and doesn’t turn into a couch potato but instead follows his dreams and achieves his goals. It is so sexy that she loves you even more during that first phase and for a time it is good.

Then comes the first crisis when she wants to visit her parents and it’s the third time you tell her to go alone. She’s pissed, but you know that you are right and she will come around eventually. By the fifth time this happens you are the one who is upset when she doesn’t even ask you to go with her and instead just tells you she’ll be back in a couple of hours. At this moment visiting her parents sounds like the most fun thing to do in the whole world. Everything is more fun than coding Henry’s movement and looking at those damn pixels.

But then you finally implement the animation of Henry grabbing a bottle of beer, and it looks so damn cool you go to a shop to grab a beer yourself. It is cold outside, and it is raining cats and dogs, but you do not mind at all — you’ve made it. You’ve made him grab that bottle of beer. You are one step ahead, and it looks good. You deserve to get a drink. An hour later your girlfriend comes back home and when she sees you on a couch, with a beer in your hand, just watching a game — she is delighted. You deserve a break, and she deserves it too. Everything is going to be just fine.

And then it turns out your game is actually good, and people start to take an interest in it. You start to think about what you have done, and you realize it is going to be more hard work and more stress and you probably need to take out some of your savings and hire people who will help you finish what you’ve started. And it is a long way to go… But hey, you’ve made him grab that fucking bottle, didn’t you?

Part III coming soon!

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Game: I Fell from Grace
Developer: Deep Taiga

Grzegorz Wojewoda,
Executive Assistant at Community Villa