Connie Song


Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

The blinding cold shattered
my eyes this morning,
as I walked the dog
down our usual path of destruction,
and the splintered world had unzipped
yet another assault onto my senses.
I heard it twice on the morning news.

My mind drifts from breakfast oatmeal
to river rock and mountains to be climbed,
through furious flurries that tumble from the sky,
or a tender kiss that burns forever on the lips,
through the ghostly morning mist, a sizzled smile upturned,
moments captured for all eternity.

All these thoughts cradle
and crush my soul,
still I yearn to climb
that gnarly tree that reaches to the stars,
and see the world through someone else’s eyes.

© Connie Song 2022. All Rights Reserved.


Photo by Zou Meng on Unsplash, font framing by Canva, words by Connie Song on Medium

I drank from a velvet sky
and tasted the moon,
watching silently in a sea of crumpled lace,
and when the stars came crashing down,
we almost fell in love.

There is no other way
to explain
how my soul embraced yours
in the darkness of the gentle rain.

My first mistake was not realizing
what it takes to make the magic last.

Now I miss our connection
and when I think of you,
I remember a million stars
tumbling towards gravity,
leaving me
by a sutured, velvet sky,
telling me what I lost
was never really mine.

© Connie Song 2021. All Rights Reserved.


A Poem

Photo by Kajetan Sumila on Unsplash

The internet is filled with ways
to become a better version of myself
in under two minutes.

Think I’ll come back to it,
when I have more time.

© Connie Song 2021. All Rights Reserved.



Photo by Nick Shandra on Unsplash

Perhaps kindness was her superpower,
vulnerability her strength,
but her disdain for champagne and haiku
put her on my ‘decidedly questionable list’ of friends,
still, she was, after all, the best-read
and worst-dressed at book club,
her breath sometimes reeking of desperation and sour grapes,
and her voice could shatter glass.

I remember we met at bass camp
that frightful summer,
where she quickly would become my lifelong friend
and forever sensei
and together, we would bow to sunsets
and scour the sky,
searching for the moon.

She made me see the fragility
of chipped hearts,
the resilience of strong minds,
and the beauty of an imperfect friendship.

© Connie Song 2021. All Rights Reserved.

Connie Song

Connie Song

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