Everything I Drank in 2017

Craig Ormiston
Jan 9, 2018 · 42 min read

One year ago, I committed to keeping alcohol consumption at or below six drinks per week (a 60% reduction from the estimated 830 I consumed in 2016). In anticipation of a productive year, I needed to cut back on the number of boozy evenings and foggy mornings challenging productivity.

While it would have been most optimal to eliminate drinking entirely, I’ve found such a sacrifice restricting, often socially compromising, and ultimately unnecessary for me. Alcohol played a role in entertaining, dating, and business development, activities often otherwise diffused by strict sobriety. Furthermore and most importantly, I appreciate the craft of beverages. I like drinking. And I do it responsibly…most of the time. Many friends and artisans I adore make livings putting great care and innovation into beverage craft. Frankly, well-made drinks taste good, I enjoy them, and I feel good supporting my friends and local businesses. Everything in moderation, as they say.

Drink Accrual

For added flexibility, I permitted myself to “accrue” six drinks per week so that I could save up for benders like bachelor parties, visitors from out of town, and birthday trips. I spent many weeks of the year in the red and had to cut back my drinking to catch up. To those who caught me on those weeks, I’m sorry. It was nothing personal.

After a ton of pressure from family and peers making the case that I would not be productive anyway, I waived three full weeks this year for drinking (but did not accrue six drinks during those weeks either) so that I could liberally enjoy my two-week once-in-a-lifetime trip to Antarctica and another week at the very end of the year to enjoy the holidays including my 30th birthday.

Ultimately, in the weeks that counted, I exceeded my goal by 4 drinks (298 total versus 294 accrued). I feel guilty about failing my goal for the year, but it was pretty dang close and I feel accomplished having tracked my alcohol this closely for 365 consecutive days. Counting my trip to Antarctica and the holidays, I had 362 total drinks in 2017 (44% of the total drinks consumed in 2016), feel better than I have in a long time, and accomplished a ton this year.

Drinking Stats

Breaking my drinking down by type, I enjoyed a little bit of everything this year. Beer continued to be the most prominent player in my consumption, but cocktails (liquor-based recipes with three or more ingredients) were not far behind. “Liquor” represents any straight pours or shots of liquor like cognac, scotch, soju, tequila, whiskey, jello shots, etc. In addition to red and white wines, the “wine” category includes champagne and sake.

Types of booze consumed in 2017

The following chart breaks down cocktail consumption by base spirit. Whiskey and tequila dominated my cocktail selections throughout the year, but I drank and continue to drink a much broader spectrum of spirits.

Base spirits used in cocktails consumed in 2017.

The following chart breaks down wine consumption by style.

Wine consumed in 2017.

Since nearly 50% of my beer consumption happened through shared tasters or bottle pours, it would have been too time intensive for me to break down my beer consumption by style. That said, stouts and sours remained my beers of choice, with IPAs not far behind.

Drinking Routine

Unsurprisingly, I drank the most around the summer and winter holidays:

Drinks consumed per month in 2017

Also unsurprisingly, I drank the most on Fridays and Saturdays:

Drinking Buddy Leaderboard

Of the 167 souls I explicitly took note of drinking with this year, I drank with the following individuals most regularly. To rank the list, I took into account unique outings, the intimacy of those outings, and total volume consumed. I also disregarded out of town guests who would have ranked on volume alone during their single visit since they were not technically regular drinking buddies of mine (love you, Sarah H. and Mai!).

  1. Eddy C. (15–17 occurrences, 44.5–54.5 drinks)
  2. Emily L. (15–16 occurrences, 32.75 drinks)
  3. Justin L. (15–16 occurrences, 27.25 drinks)
  4. Andrew S. (7–8 occurrences, 26.5–29.5 drinks)
  5. Will H. (7 occurrences, 28 drinks)
  6. Eric L. (8 occurrences, 24.5 drinks)
  7. JD R. (11–12 occurrences, 17.5 drinks)
  8. Kyle O. (9–19 occurrences, 11.25–33.25 drinks)
  9. Jenica W. (9 occurrences, 12.75 drinks)
  10. Brad A. & Kathleen A. (7–8 occurrences, 9.25–17.25 drinks)


  • Jacqui D. (10 occurrences, 36.5 drinks, mostly on vacation)
  • Jen L. (6–14 occurrences, 7.5–26.5 drinks, mostly on vacation)
  • Sara R. (6 occurrences, 14 drinks)
  • Steve O. (7–9 occurrences, 5.5–8,5 drinks)
  • Scott P. (6 occurrences, 12.25 drinks)

Watering Hole Leaderboard

Aside from my own condo, which easily took the cake for hosting 27 unique drinking occurrences and 72 total drinks consumed, I frequented the following public venues most often:

  1. Broadway (5 visits, 15 drinks consumed)
  2. Rackhouse Pub (6 visits, 5.25 drinks consumed)
  3. Vaca (3 visits, 8 drinks consumed)
  4. Union Lodge №1 (4 visits, 5 drinks consumed)
  5. Finn’s Manor (4 visits, 4 drinks consumed)
  6. Williams & Graham (3 visits, 4.5 drinks consumed)
  7. Beryl’s Beer Company (4 visits, 3.75 drinks consumed)
  8. Cerebral Brewing (3 visits, 4.5 drinks consumed)
  9. Jake’s Brew Bar (3 visits, 3.25 drinks consumed)
  10. Mockery Brewing (3 visits, 2.75 drinks consumed)

Drink Log

What follows is a chronological log of every drink I had, where I had it, and with whom I had or shared it with in 2017. If you recall having a drink with me this year, search for your name and join me in getting nostalgic. For the rest of you, you’d be a weirdo to read through all of this, but here it is for you to read—please enjoy. For me, this ended up being a remarkable diary of memories made throughout the year including the total eclipse, weddings, bachelor parties, epic trips, impromptu cocktail nights, house parties, birthdays, barbecues, crawfish boils, after parties, work drama, friend visits, movie screenings, holidays, short trips to the mountains, board game nights, and dates that I might not have otherwise remembered. What started as a quest for productivity and health turned into an amazing chronicle of my year.

Without further adieu, here’s every alcoholic beverage I consumed in 2017:


January 1 — New Years Day in Denver, CO (~2 drinks)

January 6, 7, 8 —Denver, CO (3 drinks)

January 15 — Denver, CO (~2 drinks)

January 17 & 18 —Orange County, CA (~5 drinks)

  • Boulevard Brewing’s Collaboration №6 Barrel-Aged Blend at the Irvine Spectrum Yard House with Ben N.
  • Sprezzatura (Wyoming Whiskey, Dios Oloroso, Sfumato Rabarbaro, Cranberry-Cabernet Reduction, Miracle Mile Chocolate Bitters); a whiskey flight of Angel’s Envy Cask Strength 2013, Booker’s 2016–02, and Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 2015; House Eggnog (Kirk & Sweeny 18 Year Rum, Torres 10 Year Brandy, Amaro Lucano, Cinnamon, Clove, Nutmeg, Cream, and egg), and a Mezcal Negroni with Scott P. at Broadway.

January 21 & 22 — Dinner Parties in Denver, CO (2 drinks)

  • Fireside Whiskey Old Fashioned with Brad, Kathleen, Jen, and Drew at my place for homemade japchae.
Homemade Japchae

January 27 — Tijuana, Mexico (~5 drinks)

Insurgente Taproom, Plaza Fiesta
  • And after returning to San Diego, we split a can of Saint Archer Nelson IPL while playing old Gameboy games on a Raspberry Pi.

January 28 — San Diego, California (~10 drinks)


February 1 — Laguna Beach, CA (3 drinks)

  • Hunter S. Thompson’s Revenge (Glen Grant 12 Year Whiskey, Germain-Robin Apple Brandy, Gran Classico, IPA syrup, lemon, grapefruit oils); Nose Tickler (Clear Creek Pear Brandy, Beckerovka, lemon, oro blanco grapefruit, sparkling rose, tarragon); and Port Flip (Lustau Solera Reserva, Tawny Port, pomegranate juice, winter spice syrup, whole egg, nutmeg) on new menu night at Broadway for client drinks with Eric L. and Ryan R.

February 2 & 3— Denver, CO (2 drinks)

February 10 & 12— Denver, CO (3 drinks)

February 15 — Orange County, CA (1 drink)

February 17 & 18 — Denver, CO (2 drinks)

February 20, 21 & 23 — Denver, CO (~4 drinks)

Ethiopian Beer with Ethiopian Food
  • Smoked Pina-Rita (house pepper infused tequila, Montelobos Mezcal, pineapple-limeade, Strawberry Fanta, chili lime rim) and Flight of the Agave (Milagro Reposado, lavender honey, egg whites, lime, Strawberry Fanta) with Mandy at Los Chingones in the Denver Tech Center.

February 24 & 25— Denver, CO (~5 drinks)


March 3 & 4 — Denver, CO (2 drinks)

March 6–9 — Denver, CO (~6 drinks)

This game was my main reason to drink in March.
  • Had a pour of Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon with Mike O. and Oak Town Brown Ale from Calicraft at home while playing “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” on Nintendo Switch.
  • Whiskey Challenge (rye whiskey, Gingercello, Amaro, lemon, black rice vinegar) at Adrift Tiki Bar with Eddy.

March 10—Denver, CO (~7 drinks)

  • Tequila Spicy Basil Sour with Brian C. and Castle S. at Work & Class before getting carried away with a Party Paloma (Sauza Blanco Tequila, Stiegel Grapefruit Radler) at The Populist, a Handyman of Tulum (Montelobos Mezcal, piloncillo syrup, lime, hibiscus tea, ancho chili rim), an Ace Cider, and two tequila sodas at Pon Pon Bar, and a third tequila soda at Forest Room 5.

March 16 — San Clemente, CA (~2 drinks)

March 17—Denver, CO (~4 drinks)

March 18 — Denver, CO (~4 drinks)

  • Split full pours of Park Session IPA and Maui Express Coconut IPA at Denver Beer Company with Sarah H., Brian & Chelsey, and friends.
  • Had an embarrassing pull of Bud Light Lime atop a roof under the blazing sun on an 82 degree winter day for a crayfish boil with Sarah H., Eddy, Alissa R., Drew H., Jen L. and a whole bunch of other people.
  • Hosted a cocktail night at my place with everyone above plus Zack P., Brittany, Mike H., Sara & JD, Emily L., and Kyle from Sarah’s work. I made myself a spicy margarita (regular and jalapeño-infused blanco tequila, Cointreau, lime, agave, assorted Penzeys spice rim) and an Oaxaca Old-Fashioned (reposado tequila, Vida mezcal, jalapeño-infused blanco tequila, agave, Angostura bitters, flamed orange twist).
  • To finish off the night, I had a can of Overcast Espresso Oatmeal Stout with Coffee from Oakshire Brewing.

March 19— Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

March 20— Denver, CO (~6 drinks)

Green beer.

March 24 & 25 — Denver, CO (~2 drinks)

March 27 — Denver, CO (~1 drink)

March 29 — Costa Mesa, CA (~2 drinks)

  • The Medicina Mestizo (Xicaru Silver Mezcal, Alexander-Jules Manzanilla, Bittermens Tepache Spiced Pineapple, housemade Falernum, lime) and shared a bottle of 2009 Martinez Bujanda Viña Bujanda Reserva Rioja Tempranillo with my brother and uncle for Scott’s birthday at Vaca.


April 1 — Denver, CO (~2 drinks)

April 6— Denver, CO (1 drink)

  • Barrel aged Spruce with the Fir (St. George Terror, Diplomatico Anejo, Cardamom, Gran Classico, Smoked Fir) with LJ, Eddy and Justin L at White Lies (RIP).

April 7–9 — Denver, CO (~4 drinks)

April 12— Orange County, CA (~2 drinks)

April 14–16 — Denver, CO (~9 drinks)

April 17 — Laguna Beach, CA (3 drinks)

  • Sonoran Sunset (Xicaru Silver Mezcal, Opuntia Prickly Pear Liqueur, housemade prickly pear jam, lime, honey), Southern Longing (Pueblo Viejo Reposado, Cappelletti Aperitivo, club soda, meyer lemon oils), and a Sidewinder (mezcal and Green Chartreuse) with Eric L. at Broadway.

April 20 — Denver, CO (~1 drink)

April 25 — Corona del Mar, CA (~2 drinks)

April 29 — Denver, CO (~5 drinks)

Cerebral and Orange Juice


May 1 — Littleton, CO (1 drink)

May 2 — Cherry Creek, CO (1 drink)

  • Glass of Takatenjin Sword of the Sun Tokubetsu Honjozo sake at Departure with Matt T. for a client dinner.

May 5 — Denver, CO (1 drink)

  • A can of Goose IPA at an 11am city district meeting…because it was Friday after a long week and we all just needed a beer.

May 6 — Denver, CO (~4 drinks)

  • Spanish Scaffa (blended scotch, Spanish brandy, Pedro Ximénez sherry, bitters, and lemon oil) for a family dinner at El Five.
  • Two strong homemade margaritas and a few short tequila shots for a Cinco de Mayo house party at Callie’s.

May 13 — Denver, CO (~1 drink)

May 17 — Irvine, CA (~3 drinks)

May 19 — Denver, CO (~2 drinks)

May 21 — Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

  • Amy’s Bees Knees (gin, honey syrup, lemon juice) and Dan’s Manhattan (rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, cardamom bitters), the two special cocktails served at Amy and Dan’s wedding at Blanc.
  • A tequila soda with lime at The Matchbox for the wedding afterparty with Amy, Dan, Jenna, Collin, Eric, Alyssa, Jeremy, Gaston, and more.

May 23 — Irvine, CA (1 drink)

Bachelor Party in Pittsburgh

May 25–28 — Pittsburgh, PA (~10 drinks)

Took a trip to Pittsburgh for Gabe’s bachelor party with Catherine, Joe, Alex, Eli, and Van. Many drinks ensued:

Bottles at Butcher and the Rye


June 3 — Littleton, CO (2 drinks)

June 6–8 — Orange County, CA (~5.5 drinks)

June 9 & 10 — Denver & Silver Plume, CO (~1.5 drinks)

Retirement goals: own a bar like this.

June 26 — Denver, CO (1.5 drinks)

  • Bad Hombre (Sierra Norte Oaxacan White Corn Whiskey, Amargo-Vallet Mexican Amaro, muddled with cherry, sugar cube, burnt orange peel, and sal de gusano worm salt tobala spritz) and split a Phở-kya (housemade phở spice liqueur, Coppermuse Jalapeño Vodka, lime, jalapeño, basil) with Jenica at Rebel Restaurant.

June 28 — Lake Forest, CA (1.5 drinks)

  • Split a bottle of The Bruery’s Chocolate Rain with Jeremy on his new patio to properly celebrate his purchase of a new house.


July 1 — Denver, CO (1 drink)

  • Handyman of Tulum (Montelobos Mezcal, piloncillo syrup, lime, hibiscus tea, ancho chili rim) at Pon Pon Bar for Michael L.’s birthday with Justin, Emily, and others.
Eddy shaking drinks at our cocktail parties

July 3 — Denver, CO (~6 drinks)

We know how to throw a good party.

July 4 — Black Hawk, CO (1 drink)

  • Because it was amazing, I made myself and everyone else another Treaty of Paris (Pierre Ferrand Ambre Cognac, St-Germain, lemon, cinnamon bark syrup, oak aged balsamic vinegar, angostura bitters, muddled strawberry) at Callie’s family cabin in Black Hawk to watch the fireworks with David & Ally G., Justin & Emily, Laura G., Jenny, and more.
Fireworks in Black Hawk

July 8 — Denver, CO (~5.5 drinks)

July 9 — Irvine, CA (1 drink)

  • The Drunken Avocado (muddled avocado, fresh ginger, pineapple and lime shaken with tequila) at Scott and Cathy’s with Kyle and Jen for Kyle’s birthday.

July 11 — Pasadena & Glendale, CA (~3.5 drinks)

July 12 — Highlands Ranch, CO (2 drinks)

July 13-15— Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

July 18 & 19 — Irvine, CA (~8 drinks)

  • Sugar Daddy (Isle of Skye 8 year Scotch, Hidalgo Napoleon Amontillado, Licor 43, Trinity Bitters, lemon oils), Verão (Novo Fogo Silver & Tanager Cachaças, housemade lime cordial, Crude “Rizzo” Bitters), Piña Party (Cimarron Reposado, Giffard Caribbean Pineapple, Turbinado, lime, coffee bean), half of a Murder Chareau (Alexander Jules Fino, Chareau Aloe Liqueur, Green Chartreuse, Ancho Verde, lime, honey, celery bitters) and a shot of Beckerovka through a bone marrow luge at Vaca with Eric L. and Jeff S. for client drinks and dinner.
  • A Buffalo Trace old-fashioned with Eric, Jeff, Bill, William, and Peter at the Hotel Irvine Red Bar & Lounge.
  • The Bruery’s Filmishmish barrel-aged sour blonde ale with apricots, a short pour of 2016 Black Tuesday, a Mexican daiquiri (tequila, lemon, agave, Angostura Bitters), and half of an R&D drink with equal parts Bulleit Rye, Amaro Nonino, port and Fee Brothers Aztec Chocolate Bitters for a lads’ night with Jeremy, Will, and Nathan at Jeremy’s house.

July 27 — Atlanta, GA (~3 drinks)

July 28–29 — Blairsville, GA (~8 drinks)

We tried to go to this place, but we tried before noon on a Sunday…so Jesus.

July 30 — Andrews, NC (~1 drink)


August 3 — Denver, CO (~5 drinks)

August 6 & 8 — Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

  • Canon 13 Chardonnay with Heather R. on the patio of Humboldt Farm Fish Wine in the rain.
  • Split a Drunken Monk (Leopold’s Gin, mint, Kaffir Lime, Icing Grapefruit Rice Beer) and Black/Gold Junmai Sake with Heather R. at Cho77.
  • House margarita at Leña with Heather R.

August 15 — Lake Forest, CA (1 drink)

August 18 — Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

August 19 & 20 — Deadwood, SD (~3 drinks)

August 21 — Platte County, WY & Greeley, CO (~1 drink)

FiftyFifty Eclipse during the Total Solar Eclipse

August 22 — Denver, CO (2 drinks)

  • Spyro’s Sponge Bath (Montelobos Mezcal, Caffo Bitter Herb Liqueur, Fruitation Cranberry, lime) at Finn’s Manor with Krisia.
  • A Sazerac (rye whiskey, Peychaud’s Bitters, absinthe) at Union Lodge №1 with Krisia.

August 24 & 25 — Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

August 27 — Denver, CO (~2 drinks)

August 30 & 31 — Irvine, CA (~2.5 drinks)

  • A shot of reposado and Icy Hot (silver tequila, elderflower liqueur, cucumber, agave, heat) at the Hotel Irvine Red Bar & Lounge with Bill and Eric for client drinks.
  • Margarita Organica (Azuñia Reposado Tequila, organic agave nectar, lime) at Javi’s with Eric and Greg before flying back to Denver.


September 1 — Denver, CO (~1.5 drinks)

  • Saturn (Plymouth Gin, lemon, passionfruit, orgeat) at Ste. Ellie with Eddy.
  • Random tastes of many spirits making cocktails for Eddy, Chelsea, and JD at home that probably amounted to a measurable portion of booze.

September 13 — Laguna Beach, CA (4 drinks)

  • Dance with the Devil (bartender’s choice, no idea what was in it), Laguna de Piña (Xicaru Mezcal, Giffard Caribbean Pineapple, Fernet Branca, lime Turbinado, grilled pineapple), and a yet-unnamed cocktail (gin, Tozai Snow Maiden Nigori Sake, St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur, orgeat, yuzu, lime, Crude Apothecary 10 Cherry Walnut bitters) at Broadway with Eric L., Kim W., Aaron C., Ty L., Ryan R., and Michael B. for client drinks.
  • A Jameson ginger at the Sandpiper Lounge (a.k.a. The Dirty Bird) with Eric L., Kim W., Aaron C., Ty L., and Ryan R. to round out the night.

September 23 — Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

More Cerebral love.

September 26 — Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

September 29 — Denver, CO (~2 drinks)

  • Spent the evening trying to build and tweak the perfect Vesper and Americano cocktails for the James Bond Cocktail Series in December. I can’t say for sure how much we consumed, but I wasn’t hungover at all in the morning after building eight half-cocktails we didn’t finish and several quarter-ounce tastes of Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Plymouth Gin, Ketel One Vodka, Maurin Vermouth, Cocchi Americano, Lillet Blanc, Campari, Punt e Mes, Montenegro Amaro, Becherovka, Old Overholt Rye, Disaronno, and R. Jelinek Slivovitz.

September 30—Glenwood Springs, CO (~3 drinks)

Trip to the mountains to drink.


October 6— Denver, CO (~2 drinks)

October 8 — Los Angeles, CA (~2 drinks)

  • A Jack and ginger ale at Desiree and Ari’s wedding in Orcutt Ranch.
  • A glass of 2015 Bell’Agio Chianti with Adam and Kasha S. back at their apartment in Northridge.

October 14 — Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

  • Continued to tweak the perfect Vesper, Americano, and a special cocktail for the James Bond Cocktail Series. Hayman’s Old Tom Gin, Ketel One Vodka, Cocchi Americano, Lillet Blanc, Maurin Vermouth, Campari, Punt e Mes, Montenegro Amaro, Becherovka, and Old Overholt Rye were used.

October 19 — Denver, CO (1 drink)

October 21 — Denver, CO (~7 drinks)

  • A barrel aged version of Nature’s Sweater Barleywine at Platt Park Brewing Company with Justin and Emily.
  • Samples of several different whiskeys during and after a tour of Laws Whiskey House with Justin and Emily: Four Grain Straight Bourbon, Secale Straight Rye, Triticum Straight Wheat, Four Grain Straight Bourbon Bottled in Bond, Two Grain Straight Bourbon, Straight Corn, Hordeum Straight Malt, Bonded Barley, and Four Grain Straight Bourbon Finished in Armagnac.
Laws Whiskey Tour
  • Smoke Signal (Mezcal, Bonal, Aperol, Yellow Chartreuse) and a Suerte Blanco Tequila shot with an orange slice and cinnamon at Telegraph with Justin and Emily.
  • The Common Dante (Pepitas-Infused Scarlet Ibis Rum, Sweet Vermouth, Amaro Montenegro), Westchester (Naked Grouse Scotch Whiskey, Giffard Crème de Banane du Brezil Banana Liqueur, Walnut), and bartender’s choice I can’t remember, and split a tiki drink with Justin and Emily I don’t remember at Ste. Ellie (we got a little carried away…I literally fell off my bar stool).

October 23 — Denver, CO (~1.5 drinks)

October 24 — Placentia, CA (~4 drinks)

Tons of sips and sample pours (I counted roughly 22 ounces total for myself) of various versions of The Bruery’s Black Tuesday Imperial Stout at their annual release party for the beer including:

Largely unfulfilled by the event, we walked over to The Bruery’s tasting room and split tasters of several beers with Jeremy, Will, Kyle and others including:

Cocktail parties at home require a lot of ice!

October 27 & 28 — Denver, CO (~6.5 drinks)

  • In continued prep for the James Bond Cocktail Series, several people came over to help Eddy and I try drinks including JD & Sara, Katherine, Lahne & Evan J., Chelsea, and Paula. In addition to the Vesper and Americano cocktails, we started building drinks for the movie, Dr. No, using Plantation 3 Stars Rum, Appleton Estate V/X Rum, Appleton Estate Rare 12 Year Rum, The Scarlet Ibis Trinidad Rum, Giffard Crème de Banane du Brezil Banana Liqueur, Michter’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon, I Quercioli Secco Reggiano Lambrusco, honey syrup, fresh tangerine juice, fresh lemon juice, lavender syrup, mango puree and syrup, ackee fruit, egg whites, sorbet folded with black pepper, Reed’s extra ginger beer, and a host of other tiny experiments. I honestly can’t say for sure how much I consumed in total from all the taste testing, but judging from the resulting hangover, my guess would be somewhere in ballpark of 4–6 total drinks.
  • Beyond cocktail research and development, we kept hanging out until 4:30am and I split bottles of Black Tuesday (2017) and Cooper & Thief Red Wine Blend Aged 3 Months in Bourbon Whiskey Barrels with Eddy, Chelsea, Patrick, and Jenica.
  • Had a tastes (hair of the dog) of Coffee Porter and Pumpkin Chai at Brewability Lab for Kelly’s birthday with Adam, Jenica, John M., etc.
  • Split a bottle of Devil Stuff Sour Ale at TRVE with Nic and Alissa.


November 1 — Denver, CO (2 drinks)

  • Two bartender’s choice drinks—one with Plantation 3 Star Rum, Lillet Blanc, grenadine, orange shrub and the other with mezcal, Ancho Reyes, yellow chartreuse, orange shrub—with Sophie at Adrift Tiki Bar.

November 3 & 4 — Big Bear, CA (~7 drinks)

A group rented a cabin in Big Bear to celebrate Andrew’s 30th birthday including Rachel, Justin, Jared, Leah, James, Cary, Grethel, Joey, Rachyl, Will, Kristen, David G., and Maxx. We got a decent amount of work done:

The graveyard from a cabin party weekend.

November 6 — Irvine, CA (~2 drinks)

November 12 — Denver, CO (~2 drinks)

  • More prep with Eddy at home for the James Bond Cocktail Series, specifically on a drink we’re calling the Honey Ryder, with Iris Liqueur, Michter’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon, honey syrup, Old Jamaican ginger beer, and bitters.
  • Split a small bottle of Voodoo’s Big Black Voodoo Daddy Imperial Stout with JD at home.

November 14 — Buenos Aires, Argentina (~2.5 drinks)

  • A pour of champagne at Parrilla Don Julio steakhouse with Carola, Kyle and Jen for lunch.
  • Split two cocktails each with Kyle and Jen at Florería Atlántico including El Charro Azteca (tequila, grilled pineapple, Chimichurri and cilantro), Legado Jesuita (Príncipe de los Apóstoles Mate Gin, corn whiskey, Yerba Mate, Calabaza, tangerine), La Cachuera (Skyy Vodka, Menta mint liqueur, orange and guava marmalade, Mate cocido), Terre Des Hommes (Martin Miller’s Gin, yellow chartreuse, orange bitters, orange oil, beach sand), Por el Canal de Panama (rum, falernum, coco, cranberry soda), and La Rose (gin, elderberry, rose and lime cordial, soda).
Speakeasy in a flower shop.

November 15–23 — Cruise to Antarctica (~21.5 drinks)

I went on the trip of a lifetime with my brother and his girlfriend. We stepped foot on mainland Antarctica, I mountaineered my way through the peninsula, and we met many amazing people on our boat. Everyone told me to enjoy this vacation and not worry about my drink count, so these don’t count:

My drinking buddies for a week.

November 25 — Buenos Aires, Argentina (~2 drinks)


December 2 — Denver, CO (~5 drinks)

This is how we party. Photo credit: Justin Lang

December 6 — Orange County, CA (~5 drinks)

December 8 — Corona Del Mar, CA (~1 drink)

December 9 — Denver, CO (1 drink)

  • A Sazerac (rye whiskey, absinthe, Peychaud’s Bitters) at Union Lodge №1 with Joey, Rachyl, and friends.

December 14 & 15 — Denver, CO (~7.5 drinks)

Crooked Stave never fails.
  • Another Licence to Drink prep night at home to build drinks for Dr. No and Live And Let Die with Eddy, Jacqui, Dan G., Sara, JD, Jen, Drew, Patrick and Calvin. We worked with a very large list of ingredients to design five different cocktails including our twist on a Sazerac, a tiki drink we’re calling Underneath the Mango Tree, and Old Gran Dad Old-Fashioned, the Honey Ryder mentioned earlier, and a blueberry-lavender sorbet with champagne. I can’t say for sure how much I drank, but it was a toasted night, but with very little hangover so let’s call it five…one for each drink we designed.

December 17 — Denver, CO (~2.5 drinks)

  • Split a Fez Medina (rye, amaro, Aperol, orange bitters, cedar, lemon oil) with Jacqui at El Five.
El Five
  • Split a Capetown Honeybush (Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Milk Punch, Rooibos Honeybush Tea, Yellow Chartreuse, Amaro Nonino, lemon juice, honey), Lonely Hearts Club (Plymouth Gin, Ancho Reyes Verde, beet syrup, cucumber, egg white), Yam Bam Thank You M’am (Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Tio Pepe Fino Sherry, sweet potato syrup, lemon juice, cream), and Stranger Danger (Del Maguey Vida Mezcal, Lustau Manzanilla Sherry, Bigallet China China, Averna Amaro, Luxardo Bitter Blanco) with Jacqui at Williams & Graham.

December 20 — Irvine, CA (~.25 drinks)

  • A pour of champagne with Scott, Cathy, Kyle, Jen, Logan, and Colin at the house for a family Christmas season dinner.

December 22 — Highlands Ranch, CO (~.75 drinks)

Everything after this gets a little fuzzy. I decided to take the final week of the year off from my drinking goal to enjoy the holidays, my 30th birthday, my annual Kegmás kegger party, many out of town guests, and bonus time with a special someone. Henceforth, my notes were not great. Therefore, counts are all approximate and I likely missed a few things.

December 24 — Highlands Ranch, CO (1 drink)

December 25 —Centennial, CO (~2 drinks)

  • Homemade margaritas (blanco tequila, agave, lime) for a fajita Christmas dinner at my aunt and uncle’s house with the extended family.

December 26 — Denver, CO (~3 drinks)

  • In the process of picking up kegs for the next day’s Kegmás party, I stole sips of beers from Black Shirt, Mockery, and Beryl’s Beer Company and ciders from C Squared Ciders at Rackhouse Pub with Nicole and Michael.
  • Suit Separates (Suntory Toki whiskey, Plymouth Sloe Gin, Lustau Palo Cortado Sherry, pineapple gum syrup, Bittercube Bolivar bitters) at B&GC with Nicole, Michael, and David F.
  • Had a hot sake with Mai at Tokio over late night sushi after picking her up from the airport.

December 27 — Denver, CO (???)

Every year for the past eight years on December 27th, I have hosted a de facto birthday party for myself that has affectionately come to be known as Kegmás with tons of tasty craft kegs and enjoy the company of 70 to 150 friends and family. With so much going on, so many kegs, so many bottles being opened, and such a late night, it’s impossible to say for sure how much I drink during this party. For record keeping sake, maybe 10 drinks? 15? Hard to say.

The 2017 Kegmás Keg Lineup

December 28 & 29 — Denver, CO (~7 drinks)

  • Had a Bangkok Bloody Mary (MEll Vodka, Sriracha, Lime, Cilantro, Basil, Fish Sauce & House Bloody Mix) at Snooze with Mai, Andrew, Rachel, Nicole and Michael.
  • We tried to continue prepping for the Dr. No Licence to Drink event that night at my condo, but we were a little too ambitious to do so after surviving Kegmás the night before and quit early.
  • Split a bottle of Grand Teton’s American Sour (2016) with Eddy and Mai after we gave up.
  • Enjoyed two pours of the leftover Black Shirt’s Chai Fourtrack Porter at home with Mai while we prepped egg rolls for New Years.
  • Tried a few more variations of the Underneath the Mango Tree cocktail for the Dr. No Licence to Drink event with Mai, but still did not get it right.
Improving my glassware collection one gift at a time!

December 30 — Winter Park, CO (~7 drinks)

December 31 — Denver, CO (~7 drinks)

Well, this was fun. While I learned a lot from this and tracking my alcohol intake certainly helped me keep drinking down to a reasonable amount this year, I cannot imagine keeping up with my drinking at this level of detail again this year. Tracking my drinking in 2017 was a really fun experiment. Now on to the next one.


Craig Ormiston

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Helping Build Companies of the Future. Film Producer. Mars Mayoral Candidate.

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