2020 — 2021 work

African Library Project: design research for impact

Part 1: Foundational Research

An old college friend reached out and asked if I knew any designers who would be interested in designing an app for a non-profit. When I learned what it was, I couldn’t help but want to get involved myself.


The African Library Project is a non-profit organization that starts libraries in rural Africa. U.S. volunteers organize book drives and ship books to a library in Africa. ALP partners with governmental and private organizations throughout Africa.

The Design Prompt

The brilliant idea came from my friend who had birthed it during a hackathon. …

Screenshot of a serious woman against a tech-like background of 0s and 1s. Curvy text in front of her face reads “Security Slut”, with a pink “Subscribe” button below.

2019 workshop

Overview I participated with Amy Lobasso in the 2019 Adobe Creative Jam, where we were tasked with creating a UX/UI prototype using Adobe XD within 3 hours.


Courtney Taniguchi

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