Craft Network — Setup Guide & Instructions

Create Iconex / Hana wallet

Iconex extension (chrome) :

Sign up (on Craft)

At the top right of the screen you should see a Connect Wallet button, click on it, choose Hana, and pick the wallet that you created in the preparation step. That’s it, your account is ready!


After logging in from the previous step, you should see a Craft button, click on it to create your collectibles (ie. minting your NFTs).


Upon completion of creating your NFT, there’s a link to get to your profile page. You can also access the link at any time at the top right, by clicking your avatar.


Craft marketplace combines all listings in one central location. A variety of sorting features are provided to allow easy navigation, you can search for collectibles from your favorite creators, collections, or popular collectibles etc.


A quick preview of each collectible is displayed in a card format in the marketplace. Hover on the card to reveal its collection, creator, and current owners. You can also favorite the item and quick access later.


During the crafting process, if you toggled the option “List for Sale”, your creation will automatically be listed in the marketplace. If the item was created without listing, you may visit your profile page, at the bottom of each card, you can access list/delist page


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