I guess it must be time to live dangerously

To follow your passion, or not. That seems to be the question. Especially as so many of us are having to rethink our lives right now. These strange times we find ourselves in have given us a unique opportunity to reflect on what constitutes a better life, and what success and fulfillment actually mean.

These strange times, difficult, worrying, and challenging as they are, have become a catalyst for change. …

An alternative look at Psalm 91

If you’re a Christian, or you have a well-meaning friend who is, you probably get the whole thing about God loving you.

God loves you. It’s so easy to say, and many of us take a great measure of personal reassurance from those three little words. Including me, I might add.

Don’t worry, God loves you. These are hard times, but remember, God loves you. You’ve lost your job, sure, but God loves you. You’re a sinner, yes, but God loves you.

Except when times really are hard, like these crazy, world shattering times that we find ourselves in right…

Our Combined Creativity & Practical Compassion Can Shape Our Future For Good

Welcome to the conversation. Join Me and Mitch as we discuss deep matters of life, the universe, and what the future might look like if we were all nicer to each other.

What does it mean to be human? Let’s talk.

Me: OK, today we’ve chosen a question that seems to be more important than ever, given the times we find ourselves in— what does it mean to be human? That’s a pretty big subject, and something we could take a lifetime to explore. So, Mitch, help us out. Where do we start?

Mitch: OK, so no matter what you…

Whatever the endeavour, there are no guarantees of success. That doesn’t mean that we never try.

It’s been a while now. When I started out I was so confident! So excited about the future. So keen to pursue my dreams wherever they may take me. Whatever the cost.

“I’m not saying don’t try. I am saying be prepared for the journey.”

Things don’t happen overnight, I know that. It’s just that I’ve been throwing myself into this for some time now, and the road is not an easy one.

I knew my passion would drawn on my deepest reserves, call out my commitment, and demand that I not remain the same. …

Gain Clarity & Overcome The Obstacles We Face In Our Personal Growth Journey Through Asking Questions

Do you ever get stuck in life? Ever have times when you’re working hard, doing all the right things, and you still can’t seem to make progress? It’s in these moments that it’s vital to ask questions, because questions bring clarity.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a creative or you’re simply trying to branch out into new areas then I’m sure you’ve experienced that feeling of being stuck — “Frustrated” does not come close to describing it.

Getting stuck, especially for creative types, can feel like being trapped inside a space-ship that is slowly being sucked into a black hole. So…

Reflections On The Grief, Sadness And Joy That Gives Meaning To Our Lives

What a difficult year it’s been. And things don’t seem to be getting any easier. I feel at times that I’m walking under a blanket of sorrow, and I know there are millions around the globe who are experiencing that sorrow too.

Only the tears remain to be shed, once you can breathe again.

Last year had its own problems and challenges. Flying back and forth to visit my mother in England, I had plenty of time to reflect on my circumstances. As the year wound on it was clear she was getting worse. …

How To Wake Up Each Day With Intention And Purpose

This article discusses one of the building blocks of a 6 step strategy to forming daily success habits for personal growth. These habits are fundamental building blocks to equip and empower you to make positive and lasting life changes, reshape your future and bring new color and life to your days. One day at a time. Ready?

Not so many years ago I had arrived at a place where I given up trying to change my life. …

As Empires Crumble, Younger Generations Are Rethinking Our World, And Connectivity Is The Key

Man walking in alleyway — Palash Jain
Man walking in alleyway — Palash Jain

We have a history shaped by revolutions. Some came through conflict and bloodshed. Others were quiet and subversive. But revolutions, however they come about, mean one thing: Big change.

And the next revolution is just around the corner. It’s powered by technology but it’s not about technology. It doesn’t have leaders in the normal sense, and it’s riding the wave of collapsing institutions established by outdated empires. Sounds exciting?

…networks of connectivity continue to spread out across the globe like tree roots growing in a forest.

Let me set the scene: In the last 40 years we humans have experience…

Life Lesson: Wisdom Is Found In Reflection, So Take Time To Pause And Evaluate

When we’re actively pursuing a life worth living it’s all too easy to jump into a new week without stopping to reflect on the one we’ve just left. We don’t seem to have time for learning the lessons life would teach us.

Real wisdom comes through closely observing — both ourselves as well as others — and experiencing life as it unfolds around us. But to gain insight and understanding we have to slow down enough to see what’s going on.

It would be a real shame to miss the diamonds in our quest for gold, wouldn’t it? But that…

And what happens if I run out of ideas?

What happens if I run out of ideas? This was the big question that haunted me when I first started to pursue a creative life.

I was taking those first tentative steps out of my comfort zone and testing the waters of possibility as I dared to believe that I could actually go after my creative dreams and discover my true potential.

But I clearly remember coming up against an invisible checkpoint when I started writing, and I’m pretty sure anyone who’s stepping out into new areas of creative work or entrepreneurship will find the same — you arrive at…

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