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Glimpse into the Future of Learning CC BY-SA 4.0 by Knowledgeworks

What the _____ is Hackable High Schools?


the most realistic path to transformed, student-driven high school learning.

The transition is easy and natural. The scaling is largely organic. The long term result is vastly improved from what we now think of as high school.

These posts highlight the path forward.

The Future of School is Student As Engaged, Selective Consumer

A very short vision of life in a hackable high school. … more

Disrupting School at the Juncture of Teen Choice

Why this approach to changing high school? The “Uber” point of view.

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Custom Learning Contracts

The fundamental “How”. In a hackable high school , teens can write their own courses, join an existing class nearly anywhere, or choose from nearly any coursework they and adults can imagine. This is how it’s done.

It’s About Tribes

Helping teens find their career/vocation/avocational identities.

Trapped in the High School OS Kernel

Can we build a new Operating System for school? This meme has grown in strength. Here’s the problem with the old one. …And with solutions that change top-level parts, but not the kernel.

A Glimpse into the Future of Learning

This infographic from KnowledgeWorks is the future in one colorful page.

Larger Literacies

Not key to the why or how of Hackable High Schools, this post offers guidelines on what makes good content for a new (hacked) high school class.

Get the book

To learn more, contact Ed or get the book.

Ed Jones is author of the forthcoming book Hacking High School: Making School Work for All Teens. He is bootstrapping A Statewide Laboratory for Student-Driven Learning, and looking to test a new High School OS.

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