Elon Musk has just launched 60 satellites around the Earth to deliver a better Internet for everyone! WizExchange Beta just launched as well the new, updated and much better version of their platform — this should be not a coincidence! Some exciting news in the blockchain space are coming — WizExchange Beta is constantly upgrading. Dozens of our fellow CrowdWiz-ers are now testing!

Start the journey & experience the upgraded WizExchange Beta!

• You can find out some good visual improvements related to the mobile version of WizExchange Beta.

• Chart has been fixed and now it updates the price…

WizExchange Beta is now live! Our team of Fintech veterans proudly announces the official birth of the most awaited CrowdWiz initiativе — the WizExchange Beta.

We would like to thank all our early adopters for the faith in us and to encourage them to help our internal team of professional to further improve the WizExchange Beta by trying it out. You may find the registration link here!

Useful details for all the Beta-testers out there!

Please be advised that the CrowdWiz Exchange is linked to the Test Net, meaning that you will need to use Testnet faucets. Please find below some useful links that can help you with…

Dear CrowdWiz-ers, our platform gets better with time. With powerful new features and tons of work put into it, now it is a great time to use its functions daily. You wonder what this means to you? Keep on reading to find out.

Well, all good things shall eventually be recapped, right? So, let us guide you through the work done throughout the past months. You may have noticed us upgrading some of our features and outlook this year.

So, what’s new?

  • WizFund Beta is live!

WizFund Beta is a fact! Thanks to the valuable comments from you, our community…

Since the beginning of 2018, the team behind CrowdWiz has been working restlessly to keep its word. Followed by being listed on BTC-Aplha, HitBTC, IDEX.market, and CoinEx Market, CrowdWiz is now part of CoinMarketCap, the leading crypto capitalization source of information! This is an honor for us and we would like to thank you, our community, for being part of this exciting journey!

CrowdWiz completed its token sale at levels totaling 7,234,387 USD and a total token supply of 11,169,313.56 WIZ.

CoinMarketCap in a Nutshell

CoinMarketCap is perhaps one of the most widely used sources for tracking capitalization level of…

Become a proud WizFund Beta-tester and use our Step-by-Step guide to fully utilize its boundless features.

Registration and Login forms

The beta can be accessed on app.crowdwiz.io. All users who have requested spot for the beta will receive an email that will require verification. Once the verification is done they will be able to login to their account. All users who did not request a spot for the beta will need to go over the registration process.

Login form

On first load of app.crowdwiz.io the user will see the login form.

In order to login to his account the user will need to enter the user…

Fellow CrowdWiz-ers, are you ready for the big news we all have been eagerly waiting for? Yes, it’s now fact — CrowdWiz just got the two key Estonian crypto licenses — as promised.

On the 23rd of October, 2018, the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) awarded its cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service provider licenses to CrowdWiz. Аfter being thoroughly scrutinized for legal, financial, as well as AML and KYC rules compliance for months, CrowdWiz is now legally allowed to provide services for exchange of fiat to crypto, crypto to fiat, and crypto to crypto. The second license entitles us to…

Recently our team has been strong at work developing and building one of the most desirable features CrowdWiz will offer. The product we are all waiting for — the WizFund and its functionality. It is almost completed and we are eager to tell you the news about it!

These days all the Beta project managers and developers have gather together to tell you that we are on the brink of the release of the WizFund Beta in the days to come!

Please have in mind that the QA testing from our side won’t be completed by then, so there might…

Did you miss me? That’s the question Moriarty said to Sherlock in the famous TV series and that verse gone viral. And we ask all of you exactly the same question but in not so outrageous way like it was in the series. So, if anyone have missed the CrowdWiz team and wants to see us in person again — the opportunity lurks around the corner!

As you know our team loves to be under the radar, answering questions and meeting potential customers and early adopters! It runs in our veins! We wanted to be on the spotlight once again…

In CrowdWiz we took our early adopters very seriously as you know and we are trying our best when it’s up to delivering new updates. One of our top priorities right now is the long-awaited WizExchange Beta! Yes! And we are now super thrilled to announce that it’s almost ready and it will be fully completed very, very soon! Fantastic teamwork can only happen with fantastic customers, so we would like to thank you all for the courage you are providing and for helping us to build great things together!

Using the WizExchange will make every crypto-life a lot easier…

There are several explanations what community really is. We know that the word “community” is coming from the French words for “together” and “gift”. No one likes feeling vulnerable and that’s what community does — it makes us durable, everyone wants to feel strong and in control but that is possible only if you are living in it. We could say that the community is established on service on participation; and on interactions between its members. Everyone being part of it puts energy, ideas and sometimes a lot more. …


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