CryptoBridge’s First Staking Payout to BridgeCoin Stakers! December 15th 2017

Early this month we launched staking on CryptoBridge[a decentralized exchange(DEX)] in the hands of BridgeCoin holders. To learn more about staking and how to earn 50% of all trading profits on CryptoBridge please go to: Introducing Staking: 50% of All Trading Profits on CryptoBridge Will go To BridgeCoin Stakers


Without further ado, CryptoBridge paid out the below that was distributed to all BridgeCoin stakers. The total payout is approximately 0.24309911 BTC or approximately $4195.42875 USD at the time of writing this post! according the Bitcoin price on CoinMarketCap.

ALQO 90.66773364
BCO 1120.03552609
BELA 40.82808036
BTC 0.08491295
DASH 0.00053887
DGB 72.52276061
DOGE 13586.08650497
EOT 1126.41916085
EQT 1.06155127
ETHCA 0.18484906
FOR 321.46774719
LTC 0.09521301
MONA 1.83298930
MUE 51.79350263
PIVX 0.25417469
XIOS 1.82186061
XLR 0.75689499
XVG 879.70983474
ZNY 2891.86145898

This period was from 2017–12–01 00:00 to 2017–12–14 23:59:59 GMT+2. Staking positions are calculated proportionally on a daily basis.

All staking positions created after the cut date were not included in this payout.

As indicated in our initial announcement, we’re giving 75% of all available profit to stakers, and market makers get the remaining 25%. When the promotion ends, stakers will receive 50% as advertised

Staking statistics

Total stakers in this period: 629
Total BCO staked: 5828561.02708930
Total BCO staked with bonus included: 9656084.65951520

Total 1-Month stakers: 93 (14.7%)
Total 3-Month stakers: 75 (11.92%)
Total 6-Month stakers: 104 (16.53%)
Total 12-Month stakers: 357 (56.75%)

Staking payouts are made bi-weekly and the next staking payout will be due at the end of December 2017

Volume on CryptoBridge continues to grow weekly as we continue delivering on our milestones and working towards a decentralized exchange that is secure, scalable and also user-friendly.

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