Tutorial: How To Stake BridgeCoin(BCO) on CryptoBridge To Receive 50% of Profits

This post will guide you through the process of staking BridgeCoin(BCO) on CryptoBridge to receive 50% profits.

We introduced Staking BridgeCoin(BCO) in an earlier post that you can visit for more details visit Staking: 50% of All Trading Profits on CryptoBridge. Will go To BridgeCoin Stakers .

  1. Ensure that you have signed up to CryptoBridge. You can get started by visiting https://wallet.crypto-bridge.org/
  2. Click “Account” from the menu
Step 1 — Click Accounts

3. Click “BridgeCoin Staking” below the SEND TO button on the left

4.Simply specify the amount and the staking duration then click “Create A New BCO Staking Position” to start staking.

Remember: Staking will lock your coins until the end of the staking period. Meaning you will not be able to withdraw or sell your BCO until the staking period is complete.

5. Reclaim your BCO(Optional)

At the end of the staking period you can then reclaim your BCO to trade or withdraw.