On The Road Again — CryptoBridge’s Updated Road Map

Apr 24, 2018 · 5 min read

It has been 10 months since the launch of BridgeCoin’s proof of work mining, and in December 2017 the profit share program began.

Then we exploded…

The coin price mooned a full 100x, and we were successful by every measure, signing up 1000’s of new users a day.

It was just six of us at that time… our two founders, “Crypto” and “Bridge”… and four early adopting volunteers; Shews, Coinman, Jesse, and Inoue… all obsessed, and working around the clock to support the explosive growth of the platform.

And as the popularity of the CryptoBridge decentralized exchange grew, so did the demands on the core team. Although the growth was expected, there were many other challenges that presented themselves that we did not foresee.

As a result, we had to deviate from the original road map, to secure the long-term stability of the platform, and support our exponential growth in users.

“We may not have gone where we intended to go, but we ended up where we needed to be…” — Douglas Adams

The last few months have been an off-road journey, in uncharted territory, with many unforeseen twists and turns. During this time:

  • We have given trading opportunities to over 220 coins.
  • Every dime of fees has been paid to BridgeCoin stakers and market makers.
  • The staking payout was increased from the projected 50% of trading fees to a full 75%
  • The profit share payouts were streamlined, paying stakers in only the top few coins, primarily Bitcoin.
  • We tripled the size of the team (totaling 20 now) including the addition of a COO, a CTO, as well as adding multiple developers for our user interface, Andriod and iOS mobile apps, and an entire support team. More at POS: Proof of Scaling (The CryptoBridge Development Team is Expanding)
  • We opened an office in Europe (that accommodates 9 of our developers)
  • We generated enough operating capital from coin add fees to support the entire team for the foreseeable future.
  • We commissioned creation of www.cryptobridgecap.org
  • We completely overhauled our support operations and Discord channel.
  • And we developed a community support team that is second to none.

We are excited to announce the ground we will cover over the next six months. This is our updated roadmap, and what you can expect from the CryptoBridge team.

April 2018

Refactored Market Maker Payouts

The market maker payouts are being refactored because they were too expensive to process and unscalable in their previous form. We are also changing the payouts to Bitcoin.

Updated client, with “upstream” (meaning that the latest version of the Bitshares client is included in the updates)

Users will be enjoying a continuous deployment of new features and bugfixes, immediately after being tested internally.

May 2018

Re-enable support DOGE

DOGE trading has been disabled for many months due to a calculation error we made when originally developing the market. We will be reopening the market in May.

Brand refresh and new website

Our current branding has gotten us to where we are today, and while our identity and core values remain the same, we are refreshing the brand and upgrading the website.

Increase CB performance and stability (Code Name: Tranquility)

Tranquility is our current stage of development, intended to provide CryptoBridge with more security and stability and the accompanying “peace of mind.” In this development period we will be:

○ Moving to the cloud (to attain world-wide distribution)

○ Establishing more stability

○ Increasing performance (less loading time for example)

○ Auto-scaling services

Community Bitshares Node incentive program

An essential component of increasing performance is increasing node count. We will be releasing a blog post detailing this program when it is finished, but to preview, we will be paying community members in BCO to operate bitshares nodes increasing the stability and decentralization of CryptoBridge.

● Bi-weekly Dev updates

In May we will begin dev updates, every two weeks, to keep the community informed about progress toward the milestones outlined on the road map.

June 2018

● Ethereum Protocol Support

In June, we will launch our Ethereum support. We have been actively developing this since February and is more difficult than anticipated. However, Ethereum pairs will be listed in June.

●OMNI Layer Support

In June, we will also launch OMNILayer support, which will include listing Tether Coin (USDT)

● Blockfolio Integration

The endpoint API will be created for BlockFolio support (and similar services) who require CryptoBridge order book data.

● Re-establishing the referral link program for our influencers

This will be a trade volume based program, and referrers will be paid in BCO.

July 2018

● ERC-20 Token Support

● Support for Ethereum Forks and Clones (EXP for example)

With the addition of the Ethereum protocol, and the ERC20 tokens, we plan to be adding 6–8 coins and tokens per day.

● Android & iOS Mobile Apps

Rather than publish new versions, we will have continuous deployment of new features and bug-fixes immediately after being tested internally.

●Add bitUSD & bitCNY support

The bitUSD and bitCNY are market-pegged assets on the BitShares blockchain. They are often also referred to as a smartcoin, a bitasset, or just USD or CNY in the context of blockchain assets.

August 2018

● Cryptonote Protocol Support (Monero, IPBC for example)

September 2018

● Additional Gateway Performance & Improvements (Code Name: Evolution)

In September, we will enter a development stage we are calling Evolution. In this stage we are focused on:

○ More performance/scaling

○ Micro service architecture

○ Higher resilience and self healling of services

○ Redundant systems for all services (back ups)

October 2018

● Graphene Protocol support


The outcome of these development stages (Tranquility and Evolution) will get us much closer to the realization of the Federated Gateway network.

The addition of these key base protocol will allow for the listing of 100’s more coins.

As our reputation and explosive growth was built upon the achievement of our milestone’s, we look forward to delivering on this road map and re-establishing a foundation of trust with our BridgeCoin stakers and CryptoBridge users.

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CryptoBridge is a decentralized exchange (DEX) in the hands of BridgeCoin owners that supports trading of most popular altcoins

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