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We are only a few hours away from our ICO and we want to give you the opportunity to get 25% bonus ONLY during our 24-hour pre-sale taking place on:

May 14, 2018, beginning at 4 pm PST / 7 pm EST

With a minimum investment of 0.1 ETH, this could be your chance to be part of this exciting project. There is no maximum contribution.

Individual contributions over 10 ETH only, will require a photo ID.

To Buy FLIX tokens just go to our website and fill out the form.

Here is a short video explainer on how to join CryptoFlix in 7 easy steps:

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Action packed Vampire thriller/horror film YANAGIBA GIRL is the first confirmed project to seek funding through the CryptoFlix Film Marketplace. The CryptoFlix Film Marketplace offers FLIX Token holders the opportunity to act as financiers to enable them to achieve a return on the transaction.

With the logline “A rebellious teenager and her aspiring boyfriend fight a horde of vampires reigning over their neighbourhood”, YANAGIBA GIRL is sure to become a kick-ass genre movie with international cross-over potential.

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CryptoFlix is pleased to announce their most generous Airdrop campaign.

We have recently distributed $50,000 worth of CryptoFlix tokens to the first 1,000 peopole to sign up for our Airdrop.

We expect to give more tokens away and in order to participate and earn stakes from this campaign, all you need to do is:

  1. Sign up for our early bonus alert at
  2. Join our Telegram group
  3. Fill out the airdrop form when airdrop is announced in our Social Media channels.

The tokens given during the Airdrop will be available to use on our paid content on the MVP platform

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The CryptoFlix Team is proud to announce that we are now members of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is a non-profit corporation that helps in bringing together individuals and organizations around the globe interested in or developing Ethereum-base technology specifically for, or useful in, enterprise use cases.

The EEA connects major financial firms such as ING, UBS, Sberbank, Banco Santander, JP Morgan among others as well as innovative startups and technology giants such as Microsoft, with Ethereum subject matter experts. Its mission is to enhance the privacy, security, and scalability of Ethereum-based blockchain technologies.

As members of the EEA we will benefit from the collaboration and networking resources that will improve our chances of a successful ICO.

The ICO begins on May 15th, please sign up for early bonus alert at

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With movie piracy soaring at an estimated annual US$ 25 billion in the US alone, the demand for anti-piracy measures has long been a key theme for the world wide movie industry.

However, as a considerable number of top Hollywood movies are never made legally available in developing countries — partly due to loss of revenue stream control by producers and piracy, illegal access is often the only way to reach this high demand content.

With the utilization of blockchain technology and smart contracts the CryptoFlix platform ensures that content owners will receive their royalties instantly, making the platform the…

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As I mentioned in a previous post, with the CryptoFlix University Partnership Initiative we intent to engage with hundreds of universities around the world that are already producing educational content.

Today I can proudly announce that we have uploaded the first batch of free educational films from the University of Morelia on the CryptoFlix Test Platform.

Moreover, it is also now possible to sign up for an account on the Test Platform.

You can view the platform through our webpage by clicking M.V.P. on the top bar.

Also, do not forget to sign up for the early bonus alert and join or Telegram Channel to discuss the project with other like-minded individuals.

Thank you for your support.

Best, Christian

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First markets for CryptoFlix Indentified

We are pleased to announce that we have decided upon the location of our first regional HQ as well as the first 12 markets to approach.

We have chosen Singapore as our first regional HQ for CryptoFlix and we are currently in talks with local authorities to secure a soft landing.

We have also chosen 12 markets in Asia, which will be the primary markets for CryptoFlix. These markets have some common denominators:

  • Local films are in high demand
  • There is a need for a trustworthy platform for foreign films
  • There is a large population…

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Research shows that consumers in the key markets of CryptoFlix have low access to high speed Internet and generally use older smartphones and tablet computers with low resolution screens.

As established VOD platforms are now competing on ever higher resolutions now focusing on 4K, and with SD resolution slowly but surely being phased out, the gap between developing and developed countries gets bigger and bigger.

The CryptoFlix platform will have a new and completely different approach to streaming and home entertainment. Instead of competing on larger and larger file size and higher and higher resolution, CryptoFlix introduces YourDef — a…

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With people moved from one part of the world to another for education, work or other reasons there is a worldwide demand for content produced in developing countries. This is currently not possible to systematically access by the millions of expats living around the globe.

One added benefit of CryptoFlix for both consumers and producers of local content is the reach and dynamic approach to input and output quality (YourDef) which will make the platform relevant for millions of expats around the globe.

Even if this is a secondary target group for the platform expats who have migrated from developing…

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Now that we are 12 days into Q2 we think it is a good time to provide an update on where we are with our development and roadmap targets.

Since we began the journey towards the ICO we have naturally been very busy. Busy getting the right team together, something which we are still working on. But mostly busy fine tuning the basic concept of the platform and how to deliver the right tokenomics for the contributors and for the content owners and users.

Specifically, we are dealing with bringing a whole new crowd of users, but also content suppliers…


Watch movies. Fund films. Get cryptos. Repeat.

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