I know, you might wonder where this title comes from or what it means but stick with me a little longer and you’ll see it all makes sense. Whether you’re familiar with parenting or not won’t affect your reading and who knows, you might learn a little from my experience being both a designer and a father.

It’s easy to remember when these thoughts first crossed my mind — our first child was about 2 years of age. How do I remember this? Well, it was soon after we got him a box of Duplo for the first time. …

Over the years, I’ve noticed many people take brand design for granted. As if it was this magical, almost mystical thing appearing out of nowhere to bless your company, turning it into a loveable brand without anyone having to do anything. This misconception got me thinking and below is a summary of the thoughts i’ve had on the topic.

It’s that time at your company. You’ve made it in one country for a number of years. You’re now considering launching in another one. All the research is done and you are now able to make it all a reality. Your company hires a few key people on the ground and the excitement is palpable in the room. Time to get to work. But where to start?

In this article, I speak about my experience going from a well-defined structure through to being part of an agile team of four; at the same company. …

Hi there, thanks for stopping by! Today we’re taking a quick look into how we approach designing for communities at Airtasker — particularly in terms of illustration. One of our overarching goals is to keep in mind one of the biggest issues our society is facing: the freedom of embracing diversity.

Illustration by Jin Ju Hong

If we want to ‘design for change’ we must first ‘change the way we design’.
A little introspection can go a long way in making change happen.

Balancing data with beliefs

Now for the tricky part. If you do a quick search, you can find a lot of articles touching on the subject…

Go on, pick your favourite record/playlist, press play and sit down comfortably. Now read on. This is the best way to really get what I’ll be saying next. I’ve done the same at the time of writing.

All set? Let’s do this!

My real-life interpretation of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ album cover.

There is this thing about music that’s one of the hardest to describe with words but that’s on the other hand simple—and somewhat natural—to experience with your guts. Think about it for a second: almost every single one of our experiences can be directly tied up to music one way or another.

Here’s an example:

You’re in your…

Damien Terwagne

Brand Design Manager @airtasker | Genuinely interested in mentorship, education, inclusivity & mental health. Currently writing "The humanisation of design"

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