A look into Elon’s upbringing, mindset, vision, leadership style, work ethic, and personality.

American Innovation

Outliers is worth your time to read. It’s entertaining, challenges the status quo, and makes you think about the impact environment and culture have on success.


Google’s Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg and Alan Eagle describe the life, values, and principles of Bill Campbell — the “coach” to silicon valley elites including Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt, and many others.

“A small group of passionate, talented, imaginative, ingenious, ever-curious people built a work culture based on applying their inspiration and collaboration with diligence, craft, decisiveness, taste, and empathy and, through a lengthy progression of demo-feedback sessions, repeatedly tuned and optimized heuristics and algorithms, persisted through doubts and setbacks, selected the most promising bits of progress at every step, all with the goal of creating the best products possible.” — Ken Kocienda


Every Good Endeavor examines the Biblical origins of work, the problems we have with work, and how powerful mindset is to make work meaningful, fulfilling, less stressful, and ultimately more rewarding.
Some people are driven by money. Others, success. Some live for family, or for religion. Counterfeit Gods examines common outward (money, love, family) idols and inward idols (success, power, control) and concludes that all these earthly idols do not fulfill the true desires of your heart. Only Jesus Christ can you find true peace and fulfillment.

Apple cemented MVC into the heart of iOS and UIKit. MVC isn’t the only way to write iOS applications. App Architecture compares MVC to a handful of other architectures for building iOS software.

Damon Allison

Hi there, I’m Damon. I’m a software engineer from Minneapolis, MN. I’m into writing code, an occasional blog post, running marathons, and caffeine.

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