The measure of success varies from person to person, from job to job and task to task.

For every budding entrepreneur, the flutter of excitement that wells up and compels you to impulse purchase a domain name in preparation for your next venture is almost incomparable.

Wanky, but wonderfully important. First touch point marketing is a fancy way of saying ‘a customers first experience with your brand’.

Kendrick Lamar sings a song called ‘How Much A Dollar Cost’.

I often find myself asking, how much does a brand cost? And more importantly, how much is it worth?

Like anything worth doing, successful marketing requires constructive analysis, quality planning, and time and financial investment.

If you’re sick of marketing tips and just too time poor to implement, then organise a free 15-minute consultation.

If you’d like to peak into how a brand strategist can help you improve your business from the inside out, then read on…

Dani Sampson

As a Brand Strategist I am a professional problem solver, a corporate counsellor and a creative curator. I am here to connect the dots.

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