Techchill, as the name suggests, happens in a rather chilly part of the world, at a rather chilly time of the year. E.g., Riga, Latvia, in the middle of February.

Having been a (temporary) member of the team for the past few years, Techchill always served as a bit of a kickoff to the new year for me. At least on the conference calendar.

This was a slight departure for me, but one that was a most welcomed challenge. As I specialise in tech industry events and portrait photography, this means that there are a number of subsets, or tangents, that can fall under this umbrella. Marketing, is naturally a big one.

So when the folks from Bynder got in touch about covering their flagship event, OnBrand, I didn’t hesitate.

Staged in a gorgeous venue, SugarCity, just outside of Amsterdam, the industrial space lends itself perfectly as a blank, yet historic, tapestry.

In a few weeks time, I’ll be heading back to Berlin to collaborate with the folks from TechCrunch as they present Disrupt.

This is always a fun one for me, as I have the dedicated job of covering the backstage area and photographing all the speakers as they come off stage.

Naturally, I get the “standard” shot, you know, the one that they can use for articles, etc., but having a bit of fun with it, I also try to get each one of the speakers to give me something a bit different. A bit quirky. …

Over the next two days (October 30 & 31), some of the biggest and boldest investors, scale-ups, and startups will converge at one of London’s most influential gatherings, NOAH, at the historic Old Billingsgate venue.

Just shy of a year ago, I had the incredible opportunity to work with Denk Producties in Amsterdam on their Forward Thinking Leadership event. I won’t say that one nationality tends to put on a better show than any other, but the French do the food the best, and the Dutch do stage production the best. … or as my good friend Xander likes to say, “If it ain’t Dutch, it ain’t much.”

And true to form, Denk Producties and the production crew behind crafting this event provided me with a series of visuals that just kept giving and giving…

What Pirate Summit would be complete without a burning effigy?

Well it’s that time of the year again kids! The annual gathering of Pirates.


In what must be one of the most unique events I have the privilege of documenting each year, the Cologne, Germany based Pirate Summit is always a treat.

For oh so many reasons!

Ah yes, the annual everything-and-anything under the Texas sun. Aka, South by Southwest, or SXSW.

It’s hard to even put into words exactly what South by is, save for … just about everything that you could wish for … and plenty that you hadn’t even though of yet.

Who in their right mind would travel to Latvia in the dead of winter? I can imagine this was just part of the thinking that went into the title of TechChill. ’Cause they certainly live up to both parts. Tech and Chill(y).

In the next few days I’ll be joining the team again in what will now be my third TechChill, and I’ve been quite impressed at how they keep upping the game every single year.

The Step Conference takes place in Dubai every year. Usually in the spring, the team decided to shake things up this year and move it to the middle of winter. Which, given the temps in northern Europe vs. the temps in Dubai right now … smart move.

I’m absolutely gutted that I can’t make it this year (ya’ll will find out why soon, but a wise woman once told me not to count any chickens until they’re hatched, so until that day comes … cards close to the chest. For now.).

Dan Taylor

Artist | Photographer | @SensorPunk| Part-time Rockstar

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