2022 In Review

It’s Our 3rd Anniversary 🥳

  • The launch of our FonoRoot NFT Minting system
  • Customized drop pages at soundsplash.daorecords.io
  • A global collaboration of artists from 13 countries
  • Our MetaYield liquid kickstarter with MetaPool

Drops & Drops

Tracks From MetaJAX

31st December 2022

The Rebirth Of A Classic

BeatSplash & BAYOR

Buy At Your Own Risk

Other Notables

  • We attended NEARcon 2022 in Lisbon and hosted an Official After Party with 10+ ecosystem partners!
  • We were featured participants at the first M1NTED NFT conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • We initiated many collaborations in 2022! See below for a few of them!

So What’s Next?

Introducing Cypher Alley


Thank you so much for riding with us in 2022 and we wish you all a Happy New Year!!!



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