There’s no easy way to talk about the climate crisis. But what if there was a better way to present it?

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Why is this about the climate crisis?

When we started this project, we had one goal in mind: to tell a compelling story about an unsettling and difficult subject in a palatable and engaging way. We wanted people to fully immerse into a subject — one that genuinely inspires them to dive deep — all without feeling intimidated.

We had a strong inclination towards climate change because of all the things going on in the world today, it’s the one issue everyone can relate to. It’s a global emergency that transcends our differences as humans — everyone and everything is affected. No sides taken.

Humans. Animals. Microbes…

Who knew there’s so much you can learn about design from tofu? And believe it or not, they’re the same reasons why it inspired the name and beliefs of our creative studio.

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So, you’re probably here from Bēhance because you wanted to read more about Tofu Design. Thanks for dropping by!

And if you came here by chance, then stick around!

Ok, let’s cut to the chase: Tofu Design is a creative studio. We do UI/UX, branding, graphic design, and copywriting. We’re the whole pizzazz you need to zhuzh up your business.

Tofu Design is the brainchild of my partner…

Daphnie Loong

Crazy word lady (and co-founder) @ Tofu Design |

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