New homepage, millions of classifications and powerful backend features almost ready for beta access.

August was connected with scaling. We are fascinated with how many calls we received and how AWS helped us to scale. We also finished a new homepage.

Architecture redesign with Kubernetes

As a small startup we started lightweight and now we are getting to the point when scaling is the most painful and joyful…

How to plan computer vision features and choose the right provider

Earlier, I wrote a post about the difference between general and custom computer vision platforms. Today I would like to focus on real world use-case. Lets dive into image recognition features planning.

Imaginary use-case

We are running a small business to sell colourful socks. We want to add a “Socks Matching Engine”…

New Preview feature in Vize app, no code required.

No more testing using Postman or python script. We want our vision service to be easy to use. With new Vize Preview feature you can test your custom models on different devices. No code required! Simply share and present your model to colleagues and coworkers.

Vize AI preview page

We made it easy to test and share your API. Just click on Preview button after your task is trained and upload image. You can access Preview on both mobile and desktop device. Take a picture on your phone, Drag and drop on desktop.

New opportunities in food industry automation and science

Automotive, electronic manufacturing, mechanical engineering are always searching for a way to automate repeating tasks. In this post, I want to mention three segments where current progress in AI enabled new forms of automation.

Why is machine learning good for industries? Because not every part of the process is precise…

David Rajnoch

Co-founder in Publishing about machine learning.

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