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Pripyat, Ukraine. Population zero. Ground zero for the worst nuclear disaster in history.

Pripyat was evacuated within days of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster on April 26, 1986, turning a bustling city of just under 50,000 people into a veritable ghost town.

Since that date, the city has been abandoned, sitting right in the middle of the “Zone of Alienation”, a 260 square kilometer area surrounding the former power plant that extends into neighboring Belarus.

Some say this ghost town harbors actual ghosts.

Both tourists and official workers within the Zone, as well as those who illegally sneak into the area, have experienced strange things when visiting Pripyat and the area surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. …

XPI Senior UFOlogist, Paul Nordstom, relates his many attempts at becoming an extraterrestrial abductee.

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I want to be abducted by aliens.

I want to be taken aboard an extraterrestrial space craft, a “UFO”, if you will, and I want to experience, first hand, what so many alien abductees have, and continue to, experience.

I fully realize that there is nothing pleasant about an alien abduction.

Through personally interviewing hundreds of alien abductees, I know that the experience is anything but fun.

It’s terrifying to be taken against your will, paralyzed, and surrounded by speechless beings with pale grey skin and large, black eyes that stare through you as if they read your every thought. …

XPI lead investigator, Allan Barnes, and his team, spend a night in one of the most haunted houses they have ever investigated — an unassuming ranch house in Upstate New York.

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I stepped out of the car and shivered as the cold October air blasted through my thin jacket. At the end of the driveway stood a single level ranch house with a converted garage — perhaps a bedroom or a den. Most likely a den due to the bay window, oddly jutting into the crumbling driveway.

The house wasn’t old. It was built in the 1970s. The hedges along the perimeter and the all-concrete walkway with cast iron railing leading up to the front door continued to make the case for dating the property back four decades. …

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