One of the most effective things you can do in your SAP Commerce project is to build up a profound integration tests suite. I want to emphasise that by integration tests, I specifically mean the tests extending from ServiceLayerTransactionalTest and hitting your full spring config as well as the junit…

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In the following series of articles I want to tell about my experience and the best practices I discovered and/or introduced in react.js projects.

Everything I will present is based on at least 3 mid size completed projects. …

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  • react.js is just a view (+ some controller logic) in classical MVC
  • redux introduces some architecture but its incomplete
  • why we need to become opinionated
  • suggested solution for a react-redux architecture
  • advantages of using a completely defined architecture

React is a library, not a framework

Its known react is just a library. If we would map it…

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Back in 2008 I wrote about my first experiences with TDD after some years of practical use. I repost this article here, since it is discussing the very important basics of TDD.

For around 3 years ago I came over the TDD approach and got very excited by it. It…

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Back in 2011 I gave a talk about JRuby at Namics.

Topic: JRuby in Java Projects.

My goals have been:

  • focusing on several project areas, where you can use jruby successfully
  • share the experience that I made using ruby in the last years
  • prooving that things can be done easier as they are done in typical java projects

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Gewöhnliche Front-End-Anwendungen müssen fast immer Daten von anderen Datenlieferanten konsumieren, meistens von einem Backend-System. Oft sind jedoch die Backends schwer-gewichtig, stehen nicht sofort zur Verfügung oder können generell nicht von der lokalen Entwickler-Umgebung angesprochen werden.

An dieser Stelle hat sich in meiner Entwicklungspraxis das Konzept der „local first“, auf Deutsch…

Denis Lutz

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