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When things get real, you don’t have time for pampering yourself

Let’s be honest: we all dream of being motivated and efficient. We want more success in our life, we want our plans to come true instead of piling up in the dusty attic.

Sadly, most of us don’t quite fit the description. Each of us struggles with different issues, but no matter what you’re struggling with, there might be a simple way to fix that.

What you will learn next is not a deep psychological treatment aimed to eliminate the roots of your procrastination problem but rather a quick fix for especially challenging cases. Those which make your life very…

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And how to improve your copy by following few basic rules

We’re living in the content era. Every day we receive so much information that it’s getting harder and harder to go through all of that digital noize and spread the message. And even if you were able to avoid being lost among thousands of different voices your message still might drown in people’s internal ‘spam filter’.

So it’s very important to carefully pick not only what you’re saying but also how you do it.

For a disclaimer, I’m a strong adversary of writing about ‘How to Write’ because it’s a cheap way of getting views which also leads to producing…

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And why I will never forget our conversation.

I’m not a fan of ‘big days’. I barely remember my high school prom, I purposely missed my university graduation ceremony and just took a diploma a few days after — and I didn’t even celebrate my 18th birthday. In my country, that’s when you legally allowed to drink and vote. Both of those activities could be fun if treating them responsibly, or damaging, making you recall them with anxiety laying in bed years later.

I can continue the list but I think you’ve got my point. I don’t put much weight into specific dates, which might be something to…

Productivity Tips

To have a dream job, you need to treat it like one.

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Let’s face it, one of the main reasons people become freelancers is to break out from the 5 to 9 circle of corporate existence. The ability to build your life according to your own expectations is tempting and fixed working hours are slowly becoming an outdated approach in many business areas.

However, despite how it might look for some people, freelance life isn’t about doing less while resting more. It’s rather like doing more while choosing when to do it.

But after you dig down into the actual lifestyle you realize that the ‘free-er’ your ‘lance’ becomes the less it…

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Personal Reflection

Or: Teach a man to write 5 times a week and feed yourself for a lifetime.

I always enjoyed Medium. I published my first article here in 2013, back when it was a tiny little place. That piece was very dramatic and, in fact, about my sad teenage breakup but that’s not the main point. I’ve said it to affirm you that I‘m a long-time user of this platform’. Mostly reading, lately writing as well.

And boy oh boy, did I scream like a kid who got an Xbox on Christmas when Medium introduced their brand new Medium Partner Program to the world. …

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Life Lesson

And think whether I even have one myself.

I got my first full-time job when I was 14. It was a big canned fish producer, and I was their merchandiser. I had to lie about my age to get it, but I think I would’ve still gotten it even if I didn’t. I always knew how to find the right words to get things done.

I did it not because my family was poor. No, we were fine. I just wanted to get a job. Wanted to be able to buy stuff, wanted to gain my father’s respect, and to feel like a man.

It’s a cultural thing…

There’s an optimal level of self-belief, and then there’s having too much of it

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Statistically, a lack of self-confidence is a common reason for depression, inaction, and low productivity. So the most obvious way to eliminate those effects is to eliminate their cause.

The equation seems pretty easy:

Confidence × Effort = More chances to succeed

And it actually works just fine… until it doesn’t. At some point, confidence may turn from a moving force into an engulfing quagmire. If you’d imagine the ratio chart between confidence and productivity, it would probably look like this:

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but it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Did you ever have a friend who claimed to feel like a totally different person after having only three French lessons? It turned out that such people simply make this stuff up to look smarter in everyone’s eyes.

Now after I said out loud what everyone already knew it’s time for real facts:

People who fluently speak more than one language have a specific personality for each of them.


The influence of the bilingualism on the human brain isn’t a new topic for scientific society. By now we discovered a ton of proven benefits of knowing two or more languages.

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Sometimes, there’s simply no time to think twice.

We’ve all been in a situation where a certain task needs to be done in a very tight time span. And the outcome…well, isn’t always the best.

Sometimes it happens unexpectedly, sometimes the scale is simply too big to execute in time, or it might just be bad time management.

Nonetheless, no matter the reason the problem is always the same:

A big chunk of work should be done quickly and with a quality in it but there’s simply not enough time for that.

In those conditions, you should use a lot of different skills simultaneously to achieve high efficiency…

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And if so, in which way?

Music is a truly marvelous invention which only we, humans, have an exclusive ability to experience. This is the oldest form of art known to humankind.

In fact, music is the first thing every one of us hears even before we get born. The rhythm of the mother’s heartbeat — our very first lifelong symphony.

We have our music for happiness, sadness, and sorrow. For the sweet romantic evening, vile Monday morning, and cheerful Sunday night.

We have hymns for each and every important life event:

Birthday, Wedding, Funeral — You know the tune of the first one. Can recall…

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Storyteller, Branding Expert, Writer.

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