A few weeks ago I started working on something new. I’m calling it Launchday. Over the years, I’ve probably designed ~100 product landing pages and most of them are based on a handful of building blocks. Launchday abstracts those blocks and makes it easy for anyone to arrange them to build a product site.

As an experiment, I’m sharing what I’ve built so far because I want to hear what you think about it.

Note: if you haven’t already read This is Launchday, Whaddya Think?, you should definitely read that first:

Last month I was starting a new project and needed to build a quick product landing page. I recalled productpages.xyz being #1 on Product Hunt a couple weeks prior, so I started exploring it and handful of other inspiration sites.

After browsing a few hundred sites, it struck me how homogenous they all were. Apparently, I’m not only one thinking about it either:

5k+ ❤️’s ?! Clearly this struck a nerve.

There are a few ways to walk away from this realization:

  • 💪…

Dear Skeleton,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written. It was so abrupt when we parted. I went to work for Twitter and was growing as a designer and front-end there. I forgot to write you more often. And things weren’t better when I joined Medium a couple years later. You just get busy…ya know? I completely abandoned you.

I wasn’t worried about you though. I figured a few thousand people were still working with you every year. I saw you in mentioned in the occasional Tweet or front-end tools article. …

Getting great performance with parallax is tough. Here’s how to make it happen.

Tldr; There are an easy handful of things you can do to get buttery parallax scroll. Check out a demo I cooked up to see it in action.

Parallax has become, for better or worse, an increasingly popular web trend. The first parallax site I ever saw was Ian Coyle’s BetterWorld for Nike. I was in love. At the time, I’d never seen the technique before. It felt like I’d left the web of PDF-esque static pages and entered the future.

Since then, parallax has blown up. It feels like every day there’s a new marketing page using the technique…and…

The poor man was hit by lightning seven times. Wikipedia’s entry on him is both tragic and hilarious.

So the other day I’m cruising Wikipedia — as one does—browsing through record holders for super obscure stuff like most-prison-escapes-via-helicopter. I’m about an hour deep and just about to bail in favor of making a PB&J when I come across the goddamn unluckiest dude in the game.

I start reading about Roy Sullivan, holder of the coveted hit-most-time-by-lightning record. He’s been struck seven times. That’s rough, but doesn’t seem jaw dropping…until Wikipedia drops the data knowledge bomb on you

The odds of being struck by lightning for a person over the period of 80 years have been roughly estimated as…

After about two or three hours of navigating the Costa Rican mountains in our busted Rav4, I assumed the worst was behind us. Jacob, Alex and I were only 40-50 miles away from Santa Teresa, so I thought we’d be on the beach enjoying Piña Coladas in an hour or so.

Between the time I had that thought and the actual beach, we forded 2 rivers with water higher than the door jams, jumped our SUV over a ditch 5 feet wide, played chicken with an obese ox, and blindly rerouted because the only road on our map was washed…

High-security and constant surveillance in solitary couldn’t keep him behind bars.

Take a good hard look at this French Tony Danza. His name is Pascal Payet, and behind that blank-faced mug is the all-time, most-gangster prison escapist.

After committing a handful of petty crimes in the late 80's and early 90's, Pascal went big and robbed an armored car with 3 buddies. For 2 years they lived large, until 1999 when they were captured and imprison in Luynes, France.

In 2001, Payet decided he was over the cell-block life, hijacked a copter from the prison’s helipad, and flew off into the sunset to freedom.

Now, the average crook would disappear with…

I’m a TV binge watcher. I will go months without watching any TV, casually put on a show for background noise while I clean, then spend the next 2 weeks sprawled on my couch from 6PM — 3AM gobbling season after season until I hit the series finale.

My latest unhealthy love affair was with Dexter. 8 seasons in just over a couple weeks. Approximately 96 hours of ass-glued-to-couch existence. I was neither terribly thrilled nor disappointed with its conclusion, but I found myself obsessing over a question after the finale.

Has anyone committed murder because they watched Dexter?


You know that moment when you get mind-f***ed so hard you just casually lean back in your chair, your eyes glaze over, and you mouth-breathe deeply? I do.

So, one fine afternoon, I’m cruising Google Maps — as one does — trying to scope out French Polynesia, not realizing it’s on the opposite side of the globe from France. My coworker Jon strolls by and makes an off-hand comment about his disappointment in the prevalence of the Mercator projection. …

I was raised to save things. My parents had a garage full of antique car parts, scrap lumber, old toys, antique lighting, 80's camping equipment, bikes, tricycles, paints, extension cords, garden hoses, spare tires, motor oil, nuts, bolts, odds, ends…

Don’t get me wrong, my parents are by no means pack rats, but they loved to save stuff. Sadly, I inherited my parents predilection to collection, and as a result, I had too much stuff.

I had a breaking point and wanted to burn it all, but instead, I rage cleaned.

Dave Gamache

Previously designed Twitter & Medium. Adventuring.

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