Shattering assumptions to meet unique needs

A customer using a mixed reality headset to help improve her cognitive and memory functions.

You might not associate video games with the elderly population, but gaming is becoming increasingly popular with this growing demographic. There’s even a national Wii bowling tournament. Wii bowling appeals to older customers with its nostalgia and ease of use compared to real-world bowling.

But games can be serious business, too. Virtual reality (VR) games designed for rehabilitation can help improve abilities such as memory, cognition, attention, mental flexibility, and speed. These experiences can even combine cognitive improvement with physical exercise. …

There are many different interpretations of the word “inclusion”. Then there are related concepts such as accessibility and universal design. What does inclusion really mean, and how is it different than accessibility and universal design?

To understand what Inclusion means, we have to take a look at a universal human experience — Exclusion. Every choice a designer makes either creates inclusion or exclusion. Think about who you are designing for — We tend to design things for our own ability level. We rely on our own perception and intuition to generate and test ideas. …

The summer of 2018, I received the wonderful opportunity of interning at Microsoft as a UX design intern. While everyone’s interview process might differ, this is my story of how I got a UX design internship at Microsoft. (This interview process is strictly based on my personal experience, and might not be same for everyone)


I had been interviewing with several companies for about 9–10 weeks before I got an interview offer from Microsoft in end of February. …

Aditi Khazanchi

UX Designer, Microsoft |

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