Password Security — A Modern Necessity

Recent breaking news show that Facebook was hacked and at least 50 million users’ data could be exposed to literally anyone that wants to do no good. Think about that for a moment and ask yourselves, how serious do you think that is? Let us fill you in with a few details that you might not know.

The Security offered by Facebook today

Facebook is in fact the second largest data-collection and advertising agency ever, after Google of course, and millions of users tend to put their trust in organisations just like Facebook, to control the keys to our personal life. If you are a Facebook user, perhaps you have added your landline or mobile number as a deeper security measure to protect your account even more. Well if you did that, the company used it to serve you and all your friends ads. But it doesn’t end there because the list of data you give to them and the data they collect is practically endless.

Login with Facebook potentially compromised

As you may have noticed, Facebook has a login feature that connects users with third-party services or platforms like Spotify and Uber but although it may sound practical and less time-consuming, it’s not safe or secure as the previously stated facts mention. So answering the question at the start of this article, how serious do you think that is, well in confidence you would agree that it’s nothing less than very serious.

The use of a Password Manager to increase Security

Now that society recognizes the seriousness of the problem, surely there must be solutions to this and there must be a way to take back control of our private data. By removing Facebook’s third-party login feature out of the equation and using Password Managers is one way to fight this problem. This way the user can easily create unique passwords for each website account creation to ensure that even if one website has been compromised the rest will be left unaffected.

Password Manager, How it works

Up to this point, using a Password Manager is definitely the best alternative to giving access to Facebook to manage access to all your accounts. Password Managers are designed to remember all your passwords, all your personal details and any other data you want to store, and when you need to access online or offline platforms like Spotify, PayPal, Twitter etc., it will intelligently fill that information on all your devices. This application keeps each of your accounts separate, so if one account is compromised then your other accounts are still secure.

Centralized Organisations Having all the Access

Whilst Facebook has a single point of entry, it also acquires a single point of failure, if or when a vulnerability is found. This could mean access to millions of users and their associated third-party accounts.

Another issue is that Facebook being a centralized organisation could have agreements with third parties to share information or at some point could even provide access to third party websites.

The same can be said for most Password Managers, although they are practical and efficient, they remain Centralised. All the data is stored on a central server, which means the organisation has control over it and it’s more susceptible to attacks.

The Future of Password Security

DIW will offer the comfort of existing Password Managers with many more add-ons, providing maximum convenience and most importantly unprecedented security using the protection of a decentralized network. All the encrypted data saved in the application will be backed up on IPFS (Interplanetary File System) removing the possibility of it being hacked. Being decentralised also means that no one will have access to the information the user stores on the DIW application but each user will have access to his own data at any given point.

Additionally, DIW will continue to adapt, overcome and improve its platform. There will be continuous technological improvements and advancements that will fight to fix the daily vulnerabilities and instabilities the current systems are facing today. DIW has found a way to solve this plaguing issue and society will get a glimpse of that in the coming months.

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