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Opus Research has tracked exponential growth in the number of Intelligent Assistants in service in the form of chatbots, message bots and automated virtual agents. On our web site and in dozens of reports and webcasts we chronicled thousands success stories at banks, airlines, phone companies, cosmetics purveyors and online merchants.

But what about the executives at companies, the majority of implementers, whose experience has been different. They are neither successes or failures; just older, wiser and more experienced with solution providers who offer to solve their problems with Deep Neural Networks, Conversational AI and chatbots. …

[This is a reprint from: www.opusresearch.net published Feb 22, 2019]

Businesses are moving their “bot strategy” from vision to reality at unprecedented speeds. Now they have help from solution providers with development platforms that fulfill on the promise of applying Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networking to the hard tasks involved, first, in identifying high-impact use cases for bots and, second, to build conversational models that create the shortest path from intent recognition to resolution. …

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Image captured from: ExtremeTech.com

Now that “Conversational Commerce” is officially a ‘thing’ and I claim to be one of the people who coined the term, it’s useful to march through its origin. I have done so in this post on the Opus Research Web site. I do so with full awareness that Conversational Commerce remains very much a work in progress and it takes a community of individuals spanning digital advertising, marketing, customer care armed with technologies from the ranks of that provice automated speech processing, CRM, Contact Center Infrastructure, AdTech, MarketingTech and… (no surprise here) System Integration.

The speed at which new conversational platforms are proliferating is staggering. I just re-tweeted and posted an article from TechCrunch that observed that nearly 50 million people in the U.S. have access to “intelligent speakers. It appeared in a post that oberved that it took 13 years for televisions to reach the 50 million mark versus 2 for #VoiceFirst devices. …

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