Doc Klein

I write poetry, in part, to imagine the world I most want to live in. To imagine a world that we have never fully experienced is a difficult proposition. To truly be loving in this world without seeking to possess the other is my ultimate aim. I have a ways to go towards this way of being but I am making progress.

This poem reflects the vision I am working towards.


This flower

This day

This season

This poem

Is impermanent

Your love

My love

Our collective love

Will feed the soul of the universe

With beauty forever.

Letting go

With practice

Enables us to let in

All that is life-giving in this world.

At some point

We stop having to let go

Because literally

There is no possession.

Only love.




When will I begin to understand that the world has no edges, no boundaries, no permanent shapes or lines? This is merely the creation of the human mind to make sense of and control the scary elements of our lives. But when I let go of the edges, then I can begin to form relationships with the things that scare me.



Doc Klein

Doc Klein

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