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Dogezer smart contracts audit report from Bloqchain Science.

Audit Science Services, a business unit of Bloqchain Science is proud to announce that at Feb 2nd — Feb 14th they audited smart contracts of The Next-Gen Collaboration Platform for Software Development, Dogezer. Dogezer smart contracts are live on the Ethereum blockchain since February 15th, 2018.

The link to PR in Bloqchain Science blog: https://medium.com/@TheBloqchain/dogezers-smart-contract-audit-concludes-secure-platform-for-token-sale-c44306cb0f61

Dogezer is using blockchain technology on their collaboration software development platform to allow individual project tokens to be traceable and audit-able.

“Blockchain technology is exceptionally popular and is used in more and more fields, including software development. We wanted to create such a platform, here project owners and contributors will be able to work on their product for a bigger future revenue or a share in the company’s equity.” says Alex Kozlov CEO of Dogezer. “Blockchain help us build more trust between a project owner and a contributor because they don’t only protect the information with the help of this technology, but also ensure the traceability of their current “income” in tokens and their future gain in case of the project’s success.”

About Dogezer

Dogezer is a New Generation Platform for Entrepreneurs, Software Engineers, UI/UX, Designers, Artists, Salespersons, Marketing Specialists and all other individuals involved in the creation, promotion, and support of software products of any kind. Dogezer connects individuals allowing them to collaborate on the products they believe in, and collectively share the fruits of their labor. It enables entrepreneurs to form and manage their software development teams without the need for outside funding.

Dogezer, effectively helps team members to become product investors through the investment of their time and labor into the product. Dogezer will allow individual contributors to break through the “glass ceiling” and become co-founders/early investors of innovative companies, with a minimal risk. The platform integrates the functionality of tools that are similar to GitHub, Jira, Slack, Google Docs and UpWork in one common ecosystem.

Click here to learn more about Dogezer.

https://dogezer.io — Alpha Version

About Bloqchain Science

Bloqchain Science is a pioneer New York based blockchain firm, who specializes in the creation and audit of smart contracts. Smart Contract security is at the top of our priorities when we analyzing a contract before it is uploaded on the blockchain. In an ICO the vision of the project has to reflect on the smart contract. Since the contract is running on the blockchain no change is possible due to the immutability of the chain. Ethereum and complex blockchain programs are new and highly experimental. Therefore, you should expect constant changes in the security landscape, as new bugs and security risks are discovered, and new best practices are developed. Security Team at Bloqchain Science are Following the security practices that are already running on successful projects on ethereum blockchain and constantly fine tune the practices used.

Click here to learn more about Bloqchain Science.

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