How to make your dream game and not die trying

Dogezer approach

Let’s imagine you have an epic video game idea that you would like to make. You are a keen gamer and you know exactly what needs to be done to make your game a HUGE HIT. You may know how to code or draw, but would that be enough? The answer is: NO! Creating a successful and complex product is a real challenge. In order to manage that challenge, you need professional team members to join you in this journey:

  • Developers to help with the coding;
  • Artists and 3d modelers to generate visual assets;
  • Musicians to create and record soundtracks;
  • Game designers and testers to help with game balance and validation;
  • Marketers to promote your game;
  • And many more.

You can try to fund your project using your own money, but most likely this will require a substantial influx of money which you may not have at all. What are your options then?

  1. You could raise an investment from business angels, venture capital funds, or crypto community — but this would require significant efforts and may be unsuccessful.
  2. On the other hand, you can try to create everything yourself, but this would be a long and painful route to take.

Dogezer platform is here to help you to resolve this situation. Our platform allows you to have a game done with a help of people around the world and most importantly with no need to obtain funds from a third party.

How this could be even possible you ask?

Well, let’s assume that you want to make a PC game ‘UberGame’ and you want to sell it through Steam distribution platform. To do this, you will need to:

  • Register at Dogezer platform and create a new project
  • Name your project: ‘UberGame’
  • Choose the right category for this project (eg. Game)
  • Complete your Product Vision Document, using a template provided by Dogezer.

Your next step would be to define a financial plan for your product, which should include:

  • Statement that explains as to why you think such sales figure is reasonable. Let’s say you think you would be able to reach $1,000,000 USD in sales, and this is based on the fact that a similar product on the market had sales of around $2,000,000 USD.
  • A declaration on amount of future revenue that you are going to spend to pay to team members who have joined your project. In this example we will say that you are ready to spend $700,000 USD out of your planned $1,000,000 USD revenue as a reward to your team members.
  • A declaration of your plans to establish a company which will have an ownership of the product you are going to make, along with the information on when such company will be established, and what percentage of this company you would like to give to your team. In our example let’s say that you have promised to establish such company when your revenue is going to reach $1,000,000 USD, and you are ready to share up to 70% of company ownership with your team.

Basing on this financial plan, Dogezer platform will generate “UberGame project coins” for you to use them to pay to your team. In our example, system will generate 700,000 UberGame Coins. Each UberGame coin is mapped to 1 dollar of future revenue or 0.0001 percent of ownership in future company. You don’t need to sell these coins to investors (and in some setups, you cannot even do that) — you better use them as rewards for your team members who help you to complete your product.

So now you have a budget to create your project.

You can now open Dogezer marketplace and start hiring people to join your team. In this example we will say that as a first step you want to create a quick prototype and then build a better product on the top of it. You found a good engineer to join your team, and you have negotiated a deal with him to build such prototype for 30,000 UberGame Coins.

This engineer normally charges $10,000 USD for a similar service, but because your current product is at its early stage and there is a risk involved for him of not being able to cash out these coins — he will charge more in UberGame Coins to minimize that risk. The Engineer implements a proto and you accept his work. As a next step you would need to hire an artist to draw 3D models of key characters, and you will pay him 20,000 UberGame Coins for this task. Then you hire another engineer to create main menu functionality and so on. As you progress further, your team members will be charging smaller risk premiums as they will see that projects risks are reducing, and your coins are backed by quite a solid intellectual property

Eventually you and your team complete your project.

And this has happened without any substantial investment from outside. Your team now owns a number of UberCoins representing a share in your product’s revenue/ownership, and waiting for next stage. It’s time to start to sell your product, and you may use the same UberCoins in your sales campaign to pay promoters and salespeople.

You publish your project on Steam, and eventually your sales reach $1,000,000 USD mark. So, it’s time to keep promises you have made in your financial plan. You will need to initiate a so called “buyback” program, where you will credit $700,000 USD onto a platform, and a system will automatically send requests to team members to sell their UberGame Coins back to you for a price of $1 USD per coin. Some people will prefer to cash out, while some may ignore this request and decide to keep the coins in order to convert them into company’s share in the future.

At the end of the buyout program, as defined in financial plan, you will register a company in your local jurisdiction, and pass product ownership rights to this company. You will make owners of UberGame coins to become shareholders of that company proportionally to number of coins they own. For example, if you have spent all 700,000 UberGame coins during the development, and then bought back 350,000 coins during a ‘buyback’ program, then your team still owns 350,000 UberGame coins. These coins will be converted into 35% share of the company you created.

The overall result is that you created your product without any efforts to raise money from a third party, achieved a consistent flow of revenue from your sales, and have a major stake in your company. Your team members are happy as well as they have become either co-founders in your company, or have earned a decent amount of money, which is higher than their regular pay rate.

The above-mentioned approach is just one simplified approach on how to setup things to have your project done. System can be setup in variety of ways to ensure that there is a right balance of interests between project owner and team members. For example, it may be better to setup 100 buybacks for 7000$, rather one big one for 700,000$. First buyback will happen when sales will reach 10K$, second one when they will reach 20K$, and so on. With this approach, team members will then be able to earn even if your sales would be less than 1,000,000 USD. This is also attractive for the project owner — for example if team is anxious to cash out early, they may start to compete with each other on early buybacks and offer their UberCoins for sale at the lower price. There are also a lot of other options available on how the financial relations may be arranged — for example buybacks may be attached to an income or to an investment from a third party, creating a company or buybacks may be an optional step, or payments for individual tasks may happen in different combinations of USD, Crypto or project coins. Project owners would need to plan and organize a financial setup which he/she feel would be suitable for them and will allow them to complete their product with the best possible quality.

All examples in this article have been used to show you how to make a game via our platform, but Dogezer is not just for games — it is for any software product that you can think of. In the near future Dogezer platform will go beyond software development and will allow all users to use approach similar to the one described above for any creative product/activity in which the human labor is the biggest factor and expense.

With this approach, Dogezer will replace venture financing at early stages, and, in many cases — will replace ICOs, becoming a new standard to organize creation of innovative software products.

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