Since yesterday

I was day dreaming about you
The conversations
The laughs

The eyes
The first time I saw you I told myself I was gona be yours
I will fight this life thing with you
You are my soulmate

Passion,kind,sincere,humbleness it’s all what you possess
I want something like that
Love is a doing word
I want to do that through my actions
Since yesterday

I saw you as my life partner
My shoulder to cry on
My hero
Since yesterday

I wanted to fall into your arms and sleep peacefully

Since yesterday I dreamed about you

Dear Mom,

Writing this letter to you

It’s so painful

The thought of scribbling down these notes of remembrance

Makes me wonder why you had to go

You promised to be there forever

Remember the lullaby that you always sang to me

Forever to the moon and back

Sometimes I desperately need you

I always want to shout your name like you used to call mine when I was little

Shouting on top of your lungs

The “Are you okay”

The “Make your bed”

The “We need to make a list for chores”

The “I love you son”

I miss all that

If you can hear me through this letter

I just want to say Dear Mom I miss you!

How did I come to this?

Falling in love with you

Knowing you would do this to me

You played with my heart like its dough

You broke me

My heart shuttered

Donovan Faranando

Creative Entrepreneur with a passion for pure authentic stories!

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