For a long time now, golfers have maintained a lasting tradition of aiding military members. This relationship’s origins are traced World War I, when the PGA began raising funds for a Red Cross ambulance as the war was going on.

Following this initiative, golf only continued its support of the US military. The 1942 Masters Tournament, for instance, funded the installation of a driving range and putting green at Camp Gordon, also providing playing equipment for those stationed there.

Carrying on the tradition

Today, golf/military relations are as strong as ever in the US. There are a variety of benefit…

It is clear that golf is a charitable sport. As discussed in a previous blog post, there are a variety of ways golf benefits charitable causes. Remember, “there is no I in golf.”

This important value is commonly exemplified at the professional level. There are many professional golfers who have started and/or contributed to charitable causes. These athletes represent a long list of golfers setting an example both on and off the course.

Here are a few prominent pro golfers known for their philanthropic involvement.

Phil Mickelson

Since rising to professional prominence in the early 2000s, Phil Mickelson has become…

Golf is a sport that depends heavily on equipment. Golfers of all skill levels need to have appropriate clothing and playing gear to play at their full potential. An overlooked part of the latter category is playing with the right golf ball.

To some players, all golf balls may appear to be the same. However, there are actually several factors to take into consideration when selecting a ball. Choosing the right type of ball can have a significant impact on the result of your next round.

Here are a few tips for selecting the ball that is right for you.

The future of golf has been a popular debate topic for some time now. For some, golf’s popularity is stronger than ever, but others suggest we are beginning to see the complete death of the sport.

At times, seasoned golfers can find themselves seeking motivation to maintain their golf passion — a microcosm of the much broader aforementioned debate. For golf to survive, its players must remain interested in it.

So what should you do if you find your golf interest waning? Here are some tips to reinvigorate your passion for the sport.

Revisit the beginning

What do you like…

Rain is obviously not ideal for any golfer. Playing in rain is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and detrimental to your performance.

If you find yourself playing in the rainy conditions, here are a few rules of thumb to keep in mind:

Wear proper clothing

This tip probably seems like a no-brainer in rainy conditions, but some golfers will favor their typical playing gear in these scenarios, likely assuming they will become soaked to the bone regardless. While there is some logic to this way of thinking, it is ill-advised logic. Invest in some proper rain attire, including gloves with a strong grip

Golf courses serve a clear mutual purpose: provide players a fun, relaxing experience grounded in communal enjoyment. However, courses also provide a home for various wildlife, ranging from birds to reptiles. It is barely uncommon to play a round of golf without encountering one of these creatures.

Wildlife make up an important part of golf course culture and ecology. Here are some tips and insights for better understanding this natural asset to your playing experience.

Maintaining a safe “haven”

Golf courses stand as an excellent resource for wildlife conservation. According to National Geographic, courses in the United States alone can…

Golf courses are becoming much more technologically advanced. Various aspects of the sport–some dating back to the its origin–have recently undergone a makeover — from advanced club designs to the Golf Skate Caddy offered at six of GreatLifeGolfKC’s Kansas City area courses.

This year is already predicted to be dominated by advanced forms of technology–maybe more so than any year in recent history. With this notion in mind, here are some golf-related technological trends that may catch fire during 2017:

The “year of drivers”

Many major golf equipment distributors have announced that they will release new drivers during 2017. These…

For a sport that is very much solitary and self-focused, the game of golf is, these days, inexorably linked with charity. Though some would see the sport as focused-inward or even self-centered, all you need to do to disprove that notion is to look at the game itself, rooted in the values of integrity and sportsmanship. There is no I in golf, after all!

So it seems there is a natural partnership between golf and the compassion and respect that comes along with charitable giving. In 1938, the Palm Beach Invitational became the first tournament on record to make a…

A huge number of humanitarian organizations around the world are working toward a better tomorrow. We hope that with the help of these organizations, everyone will one day have their basic needs, and a good quality of life. While there are too many humanitarian organizations to fit on a short list, here are five of the best and most impactful:


One of the world’s first private international humanitarian organizations, CARE is dedicated to helping women and girls in struggling communities around the world improve their lives. This organization was founded in the United States in 1945 to provide relief…

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While previous generations believed that in order to be philanthropic you must have the personal wealth to do so, the newest generation of professionals don’t seem to agree. Younger generations are using the technology that they have used to revolutionize their day-to-day lives in order to help make the world a better place, and they are not waiting until they have worked hard and become successful to start trying to make a difference and giving charitably.

For previous generations, businesses were driven by making money, and charity was about…

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