Dr. Dov Rand Offers Wide Range of Treatments

Modern medicine has seen its share of world-changing advancements that have helped reduce the impact of a large number of health conditions. Though these advancements have produced impressive results, such as those stemming from the advent of antibiotics or vaccines, they are by no means the last word in humanity’s work to heal. As science refines and invents new medical methods and procedures, medical professionals are finding a plethora of new techniques to help patients. To take a look at some of these evolving methods and how they are being implemented at present, we looked to Dr. Dov Rand, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist. With his well-respected practice constantly looking towards the cutting edge of the field, a look at his methods provides a unique opportunity to see how forward-thinking medicine is practiced in the here and now.

Career history

To better understand the work accomplished by Dr. Dov Rand, it will first help to take a look at his history in the medical profession. Educated at Rutgers University for his undergraduate degree, after graduation he moved on to Howard University to attend medical school. Further education and professional experience saw him spend time at the Saint Barnabas Medical Center for an internship and also the prestigious Albert Einstein Medical Center to complete his residency.

Though his formal education was complete as he moved on to begin his medical career in earnest, the doctor never lost his focus on learning. Through this drive to accumulate new medical information, he was introduced to some of the exciting research-based findings that are currently pushing the medical field forward into new territory. It was during this time, however, that many of his professional colleagues were less focused on seeking out and applying these types of methods to their own practices. After numerous attempts to advise peers on the benefits of utilizing research in their own efforts, Rand decided to start his own practice in order to provide patients with the benefits of his studies.

Foundation of practice

The practice he would go on to create is now known as the Healthy Aging Medical Centers. Created to be a concierge practice that provides for patients through all aspects of their medical needs, it has emerged as a leading operator in the field of fact-based medicine. By utilizing new research to provide patients with innovative solutions to their ailments, the practice is able to alleviate suffering where more traditional or out-dated methods may come up short.

Today Dov’s practice treats a wide range of patient issues with an equally wide range of forward-looking methodologies. These treatments include the use of new types of hormone therapies, nutritional theories, supplements, and more. In order to get a better idea of the type of medicine practiced by the doctor and others who seek out the latest research in their field, we’ll dive into some of the specific conditions he treats. This analysis will include some of the doctor’s specialties as well as some of the most innovative work he does.

Erectile dysfunction

One area the doctor’s practice leads in is in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. To understand his efforts in this, let’s take a quick look at the condition and some of its possible causes. Since this ailment can be complex, we won’t provide an exhaustive analysis but we will be able to give a sense of just how perplexing such a diagnosis can be. Then we’ll be able to move on to some of the treatments offered by the doctor’s practice.

Causes of dysfunction

Erections are the product of a number of different systems in the body coordinating together to achieve a common goal. Male arousal is intricately connected to the vascular system, nervous system, musculature, and other systems in the body. When the ability to achieve and maintain an erection is functioning properly, arousal begins with the nervous system as a man perceives some type of sexual stimulus. The signal to achieve an erection is sent to the penis where muscles relax to allow increased blood flow to the organ. Once the organ fills, blood will remain trapped inside until the signal is given to restrict blood flow once more and return the penis to its flaccid state.

Even with the brief overview above, it’s clear to see that a breakdown in any one of the systems that regulate erections can have an adverse effect on a man’s ability to become aroused. For this reason, treatment of erectile dysfunction has traditionally been somewhat tricky and limited in scope. Most doctors have relied heavily on drugs such as Viagra to treat symptoms rather diving into the actual cause of the disorder. Other treatments, such as penile pumps or implants, have similarly focused on symptoms rather than seeking to find the root cause of a man’s inability to achieve or maintain an erection.

Evolving treatments

The methods utilized by Dr. Dov Rand for the alleviation of erectile dysfunction are a great example of the type of scientific medical treatments that permeate all aspects of his practice. One key treatment he uses in this area is known as GAINSWave shockwave technology. In short, the treatment involves using acoustical waves, via the application of a shockwave device, in order to optimize sexual performance. Treatments with the technology last fifteen to twenty minutes and are completely non-invasive as well as drug and surgery-free. Patients typically realize the benefits of the treatment after six to twelve applications and the benefits can last up to two years.

These benefits include a firmer and thicker penis, an increased sex drive, an increased ability to achieve and maintain erections, and an increase in confidence. The technology achieves these benefits by stimulating the development of blood vessels throughout a patient’s penis. This stimulation helps to open existing blood vessels and also to initiate the formation of new ones as well. This helps to increase blood flow to the penis, which can be beneficial to all men, not just those suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Another treatment for erectile dysfunction offered by the practice is known as the priapus shot, also called the p-shot. This treatment centers around the use of platelet-rich plasma from a patient’s own body to help heal damaged tissue in the penis. This treatment is known for efficacy in dealing with erectile dysfunction, but also a host of other issues such as Peyronie’s disease, damage from diabetes, and the reduced effect of erectile dysfunction drugs stemming from an increase in tolerance. In some men the injection has also been known to increase penile size.

Dropping hormone levels

Another area in which Rand is able to provide help to his patients is in situations in which a condition could benefit from hormone therapy. These therapies are useful due to the fact that people often experience a drop in hormone production with age. This is due to the nature of the body’s endocrine system, which becomes less capable of regulating hormones as confounding factors such as stress, poor nutrition, and negative environmental influence compound over time.

This drop in hormone levels manifests differently in men and women. In women, hormones are most often connected with ovarian, kidney, and adrenal gland function. Menopause and perimenopause are regulated by estrogen and as such a drop in this hormone can induce many of the symptoms that go along with these phases in a woman’s life. These symptoms can include depression, migraines, fatigue, bloating, low libido, infertility, and more. When menopause begins, it can cause an even steeper decline in hormones than the period of time preceding it.

For men, a drop in hormonal levels is closely tied to the testicles, as well as being connected to the kidneys and adrenal glands as well. A drop in the primary sex hormone in men, testosterone, is responsible for a number of ailments found in aging men. The process of diminishing overall testosterone levels begins at the age of 30, with levels continuing to fall at a rate of one percent per year from that point onward. This typically results in noticeable effects by the time a man reaches the age of forty or fifty, when many men experience a drop in sexual function, motivation, libido, stamina, endurance, and more. Other hormones may follow the drop in testosterone which can cause a host of mental disorders including depression, insomnia, anxiety, poor memory, and aggression.

Bioidentical Hormones

In order to treat imbalanced hormone levels, many practices turn to synthetic hormones that approximate those found in a healthy human. While these types of chemicals can produce positive results, their efficacy is limited. In contrast to this method, at the Healthy Aging Medical Centers, patients are treated through an approach known as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. This therapy uses hormones that are identical in their structure and function to those that are produced in a patient’s body. These hormones are created using vegetable products and have managed to circumvent some of the harmful side effects associated with many of the hormone treatments that have been used in the past. These therapies are approved for use by both men and women.

By using safe and non-invasive hormone therapies that mimic a patient’s own hormones, the practice is able to provide personalized treatment for any of the wide range of hormone-related issues that patients present with. Generally speaking, these therapies are effective for those transitioning into older age where their natural hormone levels may be dropping. In essence, these therapies are a primary way the practice is able to help stave off many of the ill-effects of becoming old and help patients feel young longer. This is in line with the practice’s philosophy of promoting healthy aging wherever possible and to allow people to feel their best regardless of what stage in life they find themselves in.

Nutrient deficiencies

Another area in which Dr. Dov Rand helps his patients is his efforts to lead them toward a fully-optimized nutritional profile. As we all know, the nutrients we take in along with our food can have a large effect on our health levels and how effective our bodies are at fighting off certain ailments. Nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fats, acids, and more, help to promote different functionality in the body that can help us heal faster, prevent injury, balance our mental wellbeing, and even cure some diseases.

A key element of ensuring optimal health through nutrition is dietary education. The food choices we make every day not only serve to satisfy us and provide us with energy, they also dictate what types of nutrients we bring into our bodies. In this realm there are many considerations that can promote optimal health, for example, diets that are high in vegetable products tend to carry with them a slew of health benefits include a reduced susceptibility to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Beyond dietary choices, we can support our nutritional needs by taking supplements that contain important vitamins, minerals, fats, and other beneficial compounds. By advising patients as to what supplements may be appropriate for their situation, the practice helps to promote elevated levels of health.

IV therapy treatments

Another way the practice helps patients to meet their nutritional needs is through the use of IV therapies to replace or supplement certain helpful compounds. These IVs can serve to provide patients with high-level doses of certain nutritional factors where appropriate. These therapies have been shown to be effective in treating a variety of ailments such as IBS, Lyme’s disease, mercury toxicity, hypertension, chronic pain, cancer, and fibromyalgia.

Treatments at the practice center around a few key components that are often used in IV therapies. One commonly used therapy is known as the Meyers cocktail. This combination of supplements includes vitamins B12, B5, B6, calcium, magnesium, and vitamin C. This therapy is commonly used to treat headaches, fatigue, hepatitis B & C, and depression.

Another IV therapy offered at the practice centers around the administration of glutathione. The compound is a protein comprised of three different amino acids. It plays a powerful role in the body and can serve to bind to free radical and purify toxins. It has also been administered in the treatment of patients who are suffering from side effects from certain prescription drugs. Ailments that are commonly treated by glutathione therapy include Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, asthma, strokes, and fatigue syndromes.

Dangers of excess weight

One final area to highlight in the doctor’s work is his approach to helping patients who suffer from being overweight or obese. Since the practice is known as a concierge service, patients are treated holistically with the knowledge that every portion of a person’s life is interconnected. Since there are numerous health issues associated with being overweight, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, joint deterioration, cancer, and mental illness, this is an issue in which a doctor’s guidance can serve to benefit a person’s health in many different ways.

Of course, there are numerous causes of being overweight but for most people the work necessary to progress towards a healthy weight is similar. A reduction in caloric intake can help those whose excess consumption of calories is causing them to put on weight. The types of foods consumed and the timing of meals can also have an effect on how someone puts on weight.

Level of exercise plays a significant role in a person’s weight as well, with there typically being a correlation between how sedentary a person is and how much weight they carry. Many seeking to lose weight find effective results from engaging in exercise plans that emphasize regular cardiovascular activity as well as strength and flexibility training. By burning calories through these efforts and improving one’s potential for movement, many people find they can lose weight at a steady pace that meets their ultimate fitness goals.

Personalized plans

As someone who is heavily involved with fitness, Dr. Dov Rand is well-placed to help his patients formulate personalized meal and workout plans to better lose weight. These weight loss programs take personal medical history into account and utilize a wealth of information pertaining to hormonal balances, dietary knowledge, and fitness advice in order to craft an approach to wellness that empowers patients to walk the path towards health. A program can be monitored via email or the web and can include the use of food tracker software with access to thousands of foods and meal plans.

With the fast pace at which science and medical knowledge increase in the modern world, many people are looking to medical providers to make sense of the constant barrage of exciting but often confusing findings. Medical providers who take the time to examine research and continue their professional education on an ongoing basis are able to better to confer the modern benefits of science onto their patients. This is the case for Dr. Dov Rand and the patients he treats through his practice. By focusing on the ways in which fact-based medicine can help alleviate suffering and improve lives, he is providing an example for how doctors can take advantage of the vast trove of information that can be gained from the current technological age.

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