The legendary comic plays a PR executive hired to help the NFL fix its kneeling crisis.

Legendary comic, actor, and former SNL star Gilbert Gottfried plays a PR executive hired by the NFL in DWECK’s sketch, More Kneeling.

Video: Tom Leopold, Gilbert Gottfried, and Lukasz Veljovic in DWECK’s second sketch, More Kneeling (Credit: DWECK).

Hired to help fix the kneeling crisis, Gottfried enters an NFL boardroom and immediately rips their executives for thinking all the attention is a bad thing. Gottfried explains that player protests are “the best that ever happened” to the NFL, since it covers up a much bigger issue for football: concussions.

For those who don’t know, concussions are a devastating issue that is on the rise in professional football. Athletes are increasingly being diagnosed with life-threatening ailments linked to playing the game of football.

The sketch received positive widespread acclaim for being both hilarious and thought-provoking.

Donald Trump Jr. tweets a positive review of More Kneeling (Credit: Twitter).
Comedian Jamie Kilstein tweets a positive review of More Kneeling (Credit: Twitter).
Comedian Doug Stanhope tweets a positive review of More Kneeling (Credit: Twitter).

DWECK’s star Victor Dweck plays Gilbert’s executive assistant in the sketch. Tom Leopold (Team Owner), Brian Six (NFL Executive), and Lukasz Veljovic (NFL Coach) also appear in the piece.

The complete sketch can be viewed on DWECK’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

More Kneeling is the follow up to DWECK’s preview sketch, The Fireman, which was shared more than 35K times on Facebook in 3 days.

DWECK will launch its eight-episode first season in 2019. The late night comedy series promises to bring a fresh perspective to the one-sided late night landscape.

DWECK was created by Victor Dweck and Tom Leopold, who also serve as executive producers.

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